Tuesday 26 September 2017

Simple tips for a book signing virgin

It's that time of year again, and the Love N Vegas 2017 book event is just around the corner.

For this little Aussie, the first Love N Vegas event back in 2014 was also the event that popped my signing cherry.

Now as a seasoned campaigner - and one who is headed back for Love N Vegas 2017, here's a few tips for the newbie attendee.

Rule #1 - Don't be a dick!

These events can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first timers.

They are noisy.  They are busy.  There are people everywhere.

But as long as we all follow the #1 rule, we can all have a great day!

Have a battle plan

Be at least a little bit prepared.  You are not going to be able to see every author on the day, but have a list of your must sees, and  head for them first.  With the introduction of the Love N Bookmarks at the 2017 event, you can get someone to hold your place while you see another author.

Also, many of us travel from out of town to these events.  If you can, try to get accommodation at/near the event - makes it so much easier to drop your pretties off during the day! I got in really early for this years event and got a great deal at my hotel  There are plenty of deals that can be found at vegas.com/deals

Excuse Me and Sorry

No doubt about it, you will be saying these words a lot as you make your way around the room.  Accidents happen, people will run into you, and you will run into people.  As long as we all remember Rule #1 we can all move along.

Dress for Comfort

At the end of the day, it is a book convention and not a fashion show.  Dress for comfort.  No matter how good those heels look on you, after 5 hours you are going to be wishing you had worn your Skechers!

Also, if you can bring a big hunky man to carry all your goodies, even better!

Stay Hydrated

Take your water bottle with you.  After all the talking you will be wanting a drink.  Plus, all those people in the one room, it is going to get warm!

Rule #2 - Have Fun

We are all here for the love of books, so make sure you have fun! Don't be afraid to ask questions, we were all newbies at one time.  Even if you are coming to the event by yourself, you will make friends before the doors even open.  I am still friends with people I photobombed at the after party.

If you were still on the fence about attending Love N Vegas, or any book event for that matter, to quote Nike, Just Do It!  You have to make one event your first, and believe me, Ellie and the Love N Books team put on a great event.

Come along, I'd love to photo bomb you!