Thursday 7 September 2017

✪ Keeper (Harris Brothers #3) ✪ Amy Daws ✪

The youngest Harris brother's story: Booker Harris
**Reads great as a standalone**
**Releasing September 7**

They were best friends until they became roommates.

Booker Harris has spent the last several years pushing himself to become the best goalkeeper in the Championship League. Tired of living in the shadows of his headline-splashing brothers, he has finally carved a path of his own.
As a child, Poppy McAdams was content in her own little make-believe world, until the boy next door with dimples and pained eyes came barreling into her makeshift fort demanding all her attention.

Best friends for most of their lives, everything changes when Poppy abruptly leaves London for University.

Now she is back, and gone is the awkward girl from Booker
s youth. She has been replaced by a stunning woman with secrets. Secrets that Booker is desperate to know.

Sharing a bedroom wall with your best friend from childhood quickly turns to anything but sweet and innocent.


ARC received for an honest review

I said Camden Harris was the Harris man for me.

Then I met Tanner Harris.  I was 100% certain that Tanner Harris was the Harris man for me.

Silly girl I am.

Now that I have met Booker Harris, there is absolutely no doubt that he is the Harris man for me!

Booker and Poppy were BFFs, and now after being apart and not seeing each other for 6 year they are back in the same town, and things just got a little bit awkward.

You can feel the sexual tension been them leap off the pages.

This book has a different feel to the first 2 book in the series.  Where as the first books were more fun and flirty, Keeper feels more emotional and sensitive.  My heart hurts for him, then I want to slap some sense into him.  Then give him a big ol' hug.

I freaking adore Poppy.  She is smart and sweet, with a dash of sass. And I can completely get her klutziness (I can trip over my own pants - while I am wearing them and hurt myself).  

I just needed these lovelies to get their HEA.

I am a huge fan of the Harris family and all their shenanigans, and i don't see how big brother Gareth can be better than booker - however I can't wait to meet the woman who bring him to his knees.

I am not going to lie, Booker did give My Hayden a run for his money for my affections - but just couldn't get it over the line.

I can't wait to see what Ms Daws brings us next.



Did you go out a lot in Frankfurt? I ask because Im still curious to hear more about her time over there. Did those German blokes you flirted with for tips show you a nice time?

She twists her head to frown up at me, puzzling her brows at my random question. Are we really going to talk about this?

I shrug because, well, now that Ive opened the can, I dont really want to stuff it all back in. Did you leave anyone behind broken hearted?
No, she murmurs and a tense silence stretches out before us. What about you? You have a girlfriend I should know about?

I roll my eyes. I wouldnt have invited you to stay if I had a girlfriend.

Whys that?

Becauselook at you, I scoff.

That tense silence returns, but this time I can hear her breathing. I can feel the rise and fall of her shoulders as she leans against me.

Her voice is soft when she asks, What do you mean, look at you?

I tug on my earlobe, feeling a stirring in my stomach that doesnt have anything to do with the massive amounts of whiskey I consumed tonight. I think its quite obvious, Poppy. Youre not merely a girl anymore. Yourea woman. And that haircut. I dont know. It justsuits you.

She turns her head up and looks at me curiously. I return her gaze, noting the light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose. I dont think Ive ever noticed those before. She draws my eyes downward as she licks her lips and a warmth spreads between us.

All of the sudden, she sits up, pulling me out of the trance I have on her lips as she situates herself crisscross to face me. I inhale deeply as her hand slides into my hair right above my ear. Looks like you could use a cut, she croaks, combing through the thick locks. I expect her to pull away, but she lingers, her scent wafting over me. My eyes fall closed as she slices through every strand and traces her fingertips along the nerve endings on my scalp, massaging in slow, languid movements.

God, that feels good.

My head nods to the side as I slur, Ive missed you, Poppy.

She exhales. Ive missed you, too, Booker.

No, I mean, Ive seriously missed you. Groaning from her touch, I add, I put one of my lamps in your room. I know how you hate the dark.

Silence ensues, so my eyes lazily open and find shes watching me.

I dont know why I said that just now, I husk.

Her hand falls away from my head, but I catch it with mine because, well, Im not ready for her to stop touching me yet. I want to be close to her like we always used to be.

I slide my fingers between hers, loving the softness of her hands against the hardness of mine, the smallness of hers against the largeness of mine. She feels so good against my skin. I never want to lose Poppy again. Ive missed having her near me like this.

Aching for more, I pull her to me. Her legs unfold as she tucks into my chest, one hand over my heart, the other still entwined with mine. She nestles into me like she did when we were kids and shed been crying about one of the many animals that died at her dads clinic.

Pressing her nose into my chest, her shoulders rise as she inhales deeply. I can feel her warm breath through the fabric of my shirt and it feels good. Really good. I want her mouth to open so her breath goes from warm to hot. I want her lips to part, and I want to feel her tongue on my body. On me. Flesh against flesh.

I crook my finger beneath her chin and lift her face to mine. She looks beautiful. Familiar and comfortable, like a memory that I once lost. I lower my head so were eye-to-eye and softly brush her lips with mine. Its a kiss of friendship. Of history. Of knowing someone so completely that you assume you know what their lips will taste like before you even touch them.

But I didnt know.

I had no fucking idea.

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