Friday 16 June 2017

✪ How To Murder A Millionaire (Movie Club Mysteries #3) ✪ Zara Keane ✪

Murder. Millionaires. Mankinis.

Armed with her newly issued private investigator's license, Maggie Doyle is on the caseof a sheep that went missing twenty-two years ago. When she trips over a dead body on the first day of the investigation, Maggie realizes theres more to this cold case than a fight over lamb chops.

An invitation to spend the weekend with her grandmothers oldest friend and her family, the super wealthy Huffingtons, gives Maggie the perfect excuse to sniff out the killer. After the family patriarch is electrocuted in the swimming pool, Maggie finds herself embroiled in yet another murder inquiry.

With the body count rising, can Maggie catch the killer before they strike again?


ARC received for an honest review

Yes!  Back to Whisper Island we go for another murder mystery.

I swear, this island is like Midsomer from the TV shop - you want to visit because it looks lovely, but you don't because, well, murders!

Maggie now has a fresh off the presses PI licence, and is putting it to good use - though not how she was expecting. She is like a murder magnet!

Maggie and her zany bunch of family and friends embark on solving another murder mystery, with all the fun and antics that only this group can bring.

I loved that through it all, Maggie and her sexy Garda Liam are becoming closer and can't wait to see where things go with them.

Lenny, as always, is zany and out there, and just completely and utterly lovable!

What I like with Ms Keane's murder mysteries is that I never know who the killer is untilshe reveals it.  Sure, I have my guesses, but there are plenty of red herrings in there that throw us off the scent.  And I love it.

I also adore the old movies that the books are named after.  It makes me go back and want to rewatch movies that I haven't seen in years.

Now I am impatiently waiting for book 4 to hit my kindle.