Monday 19 June 2017

✪ The Do-Gooder ✪ Jessie L Star ✪

A college girl tries to make up for her bad karma by doing one good deed for anyone willing to aska witty, sweet romance perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Abbi Glines.

Lara Montgomery is no good. Having been scorned by her classmates since high school, shes used to it. From where shes sitting, the one with more notches on the bedpost has more fun anyway. At least, thats what she tells herself.

Really, a small part of her hopes that her massive amounts of bad karma can be neutralized by wearing her Do-Gooder hatthat thing she does where shell complete one good deed for anyone who asks. And she does an amazing job at it, if she does say so herself. Still, theres one thing she knows she cant make better, no matter how many problems she solves for other people: on the night her brother died, she was off hooking up with his not-so-single best friend, Fletch.

Its been three years since that night, and Fletch just wants her to let it go. To him, her persistence with the good deeds only serves to remind everyone in their small university town about what they did. As it is, they cant help but get into a heated argument every time they run into each other on campus. And yet, neither of them can seem to stop that pesky electricity that runs between them whenever they get too close.


Copy received from Simon & Schuster Australia for an honest review

I am not going to lie - this little blogger is an old fart, and does not read much YA - I kinda feel a bit pervy thinking the guys are hot when I am old enough to be their mum!

This was my first Jessie L Star read, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked it up, however I was hooked from the first word to the last.

It is a book full of emotion, guilt, hope.  I was not expecting the depth of emotion that I felt throughout the book - not sure why, but probably because of the age of the characters?

Lara is pretty much a one of a kind.  She has her guilt from the past guiding her future, and whilst I love what she was doing, I am with the other characters in the book when I tell her it is not healthy.

Fletch. Oh  Fletch. Through all the have been through, he has been quite the constant.  Constant pain in the ar$e at times, but he was always there, no matter what. I don't know why he kept coming back, but I also understood why he couldn't stay away.

There is a great love/hate, push/pull between Lara and Fletch and you just know that they aren't going to be able to fight it forever.  

There are some great secondary characters that really round out this story - particularly Merry and Lizzy.  I would love to be their friends.

This was the first book by Ms Star that I have read, and I will be going back to check out her other works in the future.