Monday 11 July 2016

✪ Wild Ride (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club ✪ Chantal Fernando ✪

Internationally bestselling author Chantal Fernando brings fans another sexy motorcycle novella in the Wind Dragons MC series, as rival club president Talon has to decide what's more dangerous: facing down the WDMC, or losing his heart to a woman under their protection.

Talon has a complicated relationship with the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. Hes the president of their rival club, the Wild Men, but hes also related to one of their memberswho hates him. He could handle that, but hes also got problems in his own club; someone is leaking information and disrupting their business, but Talon cant find the mole. So the last thing he needs is even more complication in the form of a beautiful single mother whos bolder than half the bikers on his squad. But he can't take his eyesor his handsoff her...

Tias always been a little reckless, up for a good time wherever she found it, but shes also a great mom to her young son. So even though she thinks Talon is basically sex on a stick, when she realizes she wants to be more to him than just a club groupie, she has to take things a bit slow. Plus, a momentary attraction, no matter how smoking hot, isnt worth risking her sons happiness in any way. Is there any chance that Talon might be up for a more permanent arrangement? Or has Tia leapt before looking once again?

ARC received from Gallery via Netgalley for an honest review

It was a wonderful surprise to get this WDMC novella so soon after the release of Rake's Redemption - and it was the perfect segue between Rake's book and the next full length book, Wolf's Mate.

The more I learned about Talon in the previous books, especially Rake's Redemption, the more I was wanting Talon's story.  I needed to know more about him, I needed him to find his old lady.

Wild Ride is definitely what you are taken on in this novella.  It is full of not only sexual tension, but tension between the WDMC guys and Talon and his club.

I LOVED how when everyone was telling them they couldn't, the shouldn't, Talon and Tia (Rake's woman Bailey's best friend who we met in Rake's Redemption) do what is best for themselves, It was more a matter of who was going to make the next move.

Tia is the bomb.  She gives the clubs a big eff you and I am not sure there are many people who stand up to the Wind Dragons like she did.  You go girl!

There is also some set up for Wolf's Mate - and I am glad this is not too far away as I am waiting on tenterhooks to find out what happens next.