Monday 4 July 2016

❤ Copping It Sweet ❤ Anna Clifton ❤

Sara Sullivan has a landlord who wants to evict her, a 1960s Beetle that rarely starts, and a looming exam shes all set to fail. But none of that compares to the return home of Detective Sergeant Cooper Halligan, her best friends brother and the single biggest threat to the secret shes guarded for years

Cooper Halligan is happy to be home. But hes not happy to discover that Sara Sullivan is a permanent fixture within his family, especially when hes the only one who knows about the sinister marriage lying hidden in her past.

Saras crime-boss husband is the prime suspect in the murder of an innocent street kid, and now Coopers prepared to do anything to find out what Sara knows.

ARC received for an honest review
It has been a while since I have read an Anna Clifton book, so I jumped in to Copping It Sweet.

It did take me a little while to get into the swing of this book (but this was probably more to do with my mood at the time rather than the book I think).

I have read the other books in this series (they can all be read as stand alones) so it was good to get a little glimpse into their lives from where their story ended.

I love that the characters aren't perfect.  Cooper and Sara have their flaws, have stuff from their pasts that are still affecting them now.
Sara is strong willed, standing on her won two feet and doesn't want anyone's help. 

Cooper is the policeman who is to sweet talk information about her estranged husband out of her. 

There is an undeniable attraction between our lovelies which flits between sweet and down right sexy, and you just hoped that they would get their act together!
There is a undercurrent of suspense and intrigue in Copping It Sweet that just had you wondering when things were going to drop.

While I did not connect with Sara as well as I have others in this series (again this was probably just my mood!) , I still did enjoy her.

I LOVED the banter between Cooper's family (characters from the earlier books), the bite the snark, the fun and games.
And I love that these books are set in my home town of Sydney - so nice to be able to picture all these places being written about!

I am not impatiently awaiting for what Ms Clifton brings us next.

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My fascination with the romance novel itself first unfolded when I was staying on a friends outback cattle station; I just happened to pick one up from her big sister's bookshelf. As a fourteen-year-old reader I instantly fell in love with its passion, its just-for-the-hell-of-it fun and its unbridled HEA optimism. Many years later, as a writer, I would come to love the scope that the genre offers for exploring the endless mystery around why we feel, think and behave as we do a special focus in my stories about love, friendship and family.

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