Tuesday 19 July 2016

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Carly Phillips
• release date 19 July 2016
Bad Boy Billionaires #1

4.5 Stars

Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and sexy as hell.

Billionaire Kaden Barnes has a reputation for being difficult and always getting his way.

Enigmatic and exacting, he's unable to keep an assistant for long. Enter his newest hire, Lexie Parker. She's no-nonsense, efficient and all business
She’s also hot as sin and soon starring in Kaden's dirtiest fantasies.

As their passion for each other reaches a boiling point, neither can control theexplosive outcome when they finally give in to their desires. He may think he’s calling the shots, but for this bad boy, going down easy has never felt so good.

Lexie was supposed to live a great life, working a great job in Manhattan, being happily married to her college boyfriend John....
But things didn't really work out the way she planned them to....she had to quit college to take care of her bipolar twin sister.
Their dad is paying their rent, but she has to take care of keeping Kendall on her meds and out of the psych ward.
Today's her first day in her new job as a personal assistant to tech billionaire Kaden Barnes.

... a hot, arrogant, sexy-as-sin, pain-in-the-ass, panty-melting boss.

Kade and his two buddies started this firm years ago after inventing the BLINK app, and they're now very rich gentlemen. Or not so gentleman-ish. Kade has scared away every single PA so far.
But Lexie is not scared that easily. She needs this job. She only got it because her dad's an investor in Kade's company.

Instant attraction on both sides - but both are so not in the market for a relationship.

Lexie doesn't have the time and nerves after taking care of her sister 24/7. And Kade, he has his own problems - there's a law-suit threatening everything he worked so hard for.

But surely a little fun with his sexy new PA wouldn't hurt???

Or will there be a horrible Cliffy?

Or will everybody die???



This was a really cute and sexy office romance with some very serious parts, like anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.
The whole insta-lust thing was a tiny little bit too insta-quick, but it's a pretty short romance, so it was totally acceptable.
I really enjoyed reading it.
Kade is so adorably sexy and broken and ugh, you just want to cuddle him!
And poor Lexie with all the responsibility that should not be hers but her parents.
Those two sad and lonely people have finally found their other half.
But they have a few obstacles to overcome first of course...

GOING DOWN EASY was a very sexy & adorable romance about two lonely people who can finally see their Happily Ever After on the horizon!! Perfect Quick-Summer-Beach-Read!!!

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