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Max Monroe

Billionaire Bad Boys 2
• release date: 26 July 2016
• #2.5 Banking Her will be out 6 September 2016

• #3 Scoring The Billionaire
(Wes & Willie)

5 Stars

Uninhibited. Sarcastic. Confident. Beautiful.
With a thriving photography career that allows her to travel all over the world and capture the hottest of men behind her camera lens, Cassie Phillips is the woman who can’t be tamed.

Adrenaline-junkie. Jokester. Billionaire. Hot-as-sin.
At six-foot-five, with muscles for days, and that perfect playful smile, Thatcher Kelly is the kind of man you don’t want to deny.

Wild for wild.
Prank for prank.
The two most unlikely of people may be the only ones to see that some personality traits only run skin deep.

Uncensored. Hilarious. And too damn hot to put into words.
Grab a fan and get ready for one hell of a ride because when the opposite of opposites attract, things are bound to get a little messy.

"With great penis comes great responsibility, honey."
- Thatcher Kelly

We all remember Thatch & Cassie from the last 1.5 books!
And now they're finally here with their own full-length book!
And I'm sooooo happpy that it's really a FULL-LENGTH book - like pretty long for a summer romance! ☺

Thatch and Cassie have been on each other's minds a lot recently. Both are horribly attracted to the other, but they think that they're just too similar to have a real shot at a Happily Ever After.
Not that Cassie would want that. Yet. Or does she? No... ?

But Thatch does. Even though he comes across as this man-whoring jokester, he's really looking for a forever kind of girl. And he thinks or rather knows that he found her in Cassie.

...and fuck if that hasn't become my singularly most important goal - mean something to the woman who already means all the things to me.

But he also knows it'll be hard to convince that woman to give them a chance.
And while he's doing that he's happy being in love with her tits and knowing that she's kind of obsessed with his dick! ☺

....if there was one thing Thatcher Kelly loved, it was my boobs. For all I knew, he had a fan club dedicated to the mounds on my chest.

And when a game of one-upping each other ends with them living together.... the real fun begins. ☺

But can love that started as a joke be the real & forever kind of love????


 I'm not telling you that of course

Eeeeep - finally CASSIE & THATCH!


How can two people be SO effing perfect for each other?
They shouldn't - don't people always say opposites attract? And those two are not opposites. They're the same. The same kind of crazy and adorable and sweet and sexy and good and kind and ugh. It's almost a bit incestuous they way they're attracted to a person that similar to themselves. ☺

The way they are with each other. Starting with only liking each other and talking/texting and yes, being attracted...but it was all just friendship with the hope of some future sex. Nothing serious.
But now they're living together trying to out-joke the other all while falling in love, but not really being sure if it's all real, because it was all supposed to be a prank....but it's not anymore.
A little confusing but so amazing.

The banter and one-upping. It's just beyond hilarious and adorable and sexy.
I'm sure their life will never be boring for one second!
Should there be a Happy End for them of course...who knows. I'm not telling you ☺☺☺

Of course it's not 100% all happy, funny, easy... there are some serious parts too.


BANKING THE BILLIONAIRE was beyond hilarious! Such a fun & adorable & sexy romance! Run to your nearest amazon to get THATCHED!!!

And now I can't wait for more - there will be a novella coming and after that it's time for Wes - the 3rd buddy and football-club-owner & his Winnie - who was Georgie's brother's boss at the hospital and she's a single mom! GIMMMMEEEEE!!!

Not gonna lie, from the minute I read Tapping Her, I have been wanting, no, needing more Thatch. I thought I loved Kline but Thatcher Kelly has taken that love to a whole new level.

I simply adored Banking The Billionaire. Thatch and Cassie continue on from where the novella ended - only things really are ramped up now!

These two shouldn't work. They should butt head they are so similar. Pranksters out to one up each other.

But there is so much more to them both, and gah, I just need them to be together.

They are great friends with awesome benefits - coma sex anyone - but all the while they are falling in love. Or are they? Are these feelings real or are they just kind of projecting what they really want and it is all just a bigger part of their prank.

The banter between them is fun, is sexy, the sparks between them fly. And just when you think you know what will happen between them, a bit of a curve ball is thrown in.

I adored this book. I read it in one sitting and the only thing about it was I wanted more (which I guess we will be getting in the novella coming soon!)

Oh, and when you read, tell me you don't love Philmore!

This was a perfect summer (or winter for me) read, but if you are reading in public, beware you might get looks for laughing out loud!

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Stalking Max Monroe:

—Two established romance authors join forces to bring you more books and stuff. Together.—
Two men, two women, or, perhaps, one of each. Everyone is asking—Who is Max Monroe?
Hell, we could even be Colleen Hoover.
You decide.

Disclaimer: Yeah, we’re not Colleen Hoover.