Tuesday 2 December 2014

✪ Take A Bow (Perfect Plans #2) ✪ CJ Wells ✪


Sometimes, dreams come true.
And, sometimes

They seem too good to be true.

So many questions, one affirmation
I am in love with Alexander Tate. Everything I've dreamed of was standing right in front of me. My ultimate fantasy come true. My more. So, why am I running?

Alex and Aby's story continues in the powerfully sensual sequel in The Perfect Plans series, Take a Bow. The final instalment of their story is wrought with jealousy, endless desire, sinfully decadent sex, betrayal, humour, empowerment and, of course, love.

This story contains sexually explicit material and is intended for mature individuals over the age of eighteen. By downloading this book and opening this document, you are stating that you are of legal age to access and view this work of fiction

ARC received for an honest review

You will need to have read Perfect Plans first, as Take A Bow picks up right where book one finishes.

And what a sequel we have in Take A Bow!!

At the end of Perfect Plans I was all

how could you do this to me?  How could you do this to Alex and Aby.

Take A Bow swept me away with Alex and Aby's whirlwind romance.  I laughed, I smiled, I cried.  I wanted to shake some sense into Alex and Aby at times, I mean really, really shake some sense into them!

But wow when this pair have their shit together, holy crap!!

I swear that girl must have walked funny for months!!! When they have their sexy times, oh boy do they have their sexy times!!

And talk about twists and turns!  There were a few things unresolved from the first book that carried over into this second book, and the journey they took to get resolved was all part of the fun and games of reading.

So, can Alex and Aby overcome their miscommunications, misunderstandings and mistrust?  Can they have their fairytale HEA?

For that you will have to read for yourself.

There are some fantastic secondary characters in this series.  I love love LOVE Aby's best friend Stacey.  She is just a hoot and had me laughing out loud more than once.

There are also some other characters, that like me you are going to hate.  Seriously hate.  Jump into the kindle and smash them in the face with a brick hate - I think you catch my drift!

Thank you ladies for giving us Alexander "The Great" Tate.  


Co-Authors, and sisters, Christa Gibbs and Jill Syed reside in Ontario, Canada. Born and raised on daRock [a.k.a. St. Johns, Newfoundland], their laid back personalities and eclectic sense of humor is indicative of their native roots. Although fluent in Newfinese, both are quite eloquently spoken, showing no remnants of an accent unless alcohol is involved.

Fluent in air-guitar [she trained in Europe], Christa, by day, transforms into her Executive role in the Property Management World. This wonderful position lends credence to her altruistic life experiences lived vicariously through the many residents within her keep. This translates beautifully to her evening endeavors, which include creating lovable characters and interesting storylines [when shes not catering to her loving Oooge a.k.a. biker hubby]. An avid reader of erotic romance [upwards of two to three novels per week], Christa decided to give her own incessant fairytale sex-capade fantasies a voice.

When she is not behind the camera in her Photography Studio, Jill spends portions of her days mentally cataloging all the reasons why she shouldnt become an indulgent drinker at the helm of her three young children during the absences of her Pilot husband [though you will hear her undying love and devotion for them often: blessed]. Passionately creative, Jill spent many years capturing life moments on film, canvas and even paper. Having dabbled in the writing of many childrens books, all of which ended up covered in dust and never carried through, clarity hit once she collaborated with her sister: Ohhh, the steamy sex was the missing ingredient.