Tuesday 16 December 2014

✪ SEALed At Midnight ✪ Cat Johnson ✪ Hot SEALs #3 ✪

© Bianca Janeane

• Romantic Suspense Holiday Novella
Hot SEALs Series (#3)
• release date: 16 December 2014

5 Stars

As a combat hardened Navy SEAL Thom Grande has fought terrorism around the globe, but the one thing he cant fight is his ex-wife. Or her lawyer. Or the alimony payments. Just when he thinks it cant get any worse bad luck smacks him up side the head—literally. Now, hes got a traumatic brain injury and cant remember his own name half the time. The good news? He cant remember his ex-wife or the woes shes causing him either.

Virginia is alone, partially by choice because too much time spent around her mother drives her crazy, and partially because she has the worst luck ever with romance. But maybe her luck is changing because one hell of a hot and very naked man just showed up at her door. One problem—he can
t remember anything, including who he is. The more she sees, the more she realizes, that might not matter all that much.

 In this Novella we are following the stories of Thom - he's friends with the group of SEALs and ex-SEALs from the previous books - and Ginny. Virginia is just about ready to give up dating for ever! She doesn't have any luck with guys. But while she's house and cat-sitting in Massachusetts over Christmas, she finds a SEAL in the barn.

Thom has just barely healed from a job-related injury, when he crashes his car on the way to spend the holidays with his parents. Ginny finds him and takes care of him. He doesn't know who he is and what happened to him. And he especially doesn't know if he's single. And that's something he really wants to know....because sparks are flying this Christmas!


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


This was the perfect little novella in this great SEAL-Romance series!!

I am such a huge fan of everything Navy SEAL!!!!!
Total fangirl!!!

I really loved this novella.
It's just sooo horribly short.
It could've been such an amazing full-length story where we find out more about Ginny & Thom. There's sooo much more to tell. But it was really great the way it was. And even more perfect for me was the whole atmosphere. I love the holiday season and all that snow and hot chocolate and a hot Navy SEAL - what more can a girl want for Christmas?? ☺

There might have been a tiny bit too much redundant lines filling this story - not redundant for a full length story - because it was all about things we need or want to know, beautiful description of things... but for a short novella, I would've wanted to read a bit more about the romance part!
But it was still perfect!!!!

SEALed at Midnight  - was a really short but very beautiful & sexy Navy SEAL Christmas Novella!
You'll love it!!!!!

I WOULD SOOO LOVE IT if someone would make a movie/tv-series out of this series - just so we could stare and fangirl at hot SEALs all day long!!!!

I'm ready now for the next hot SEAL ☺☺☺


First of all, thank you Cat Johnson for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Night With A SEAL gotta say, you had me at Navy SEAL!!

Night With A SEAL is a sweet, sexy novella that is a great beginning to a new series from Ms Johnson.

Jon is every girl's dream.  Hot, sweet, sexy... did I mention HOT?  But he is also a girl's worst nightmare, always on the ready for deployment with his SEAL team.

Ali has her rules - no one night stands and no military. I could totally  understand her hesitance at starting anything with Jon, but boy the sexual tension and attraction between the pair is off the charts!!!

So after breaking all their rules, can Ali and Jon get the HEA?  

Uh uh, you will have to read to find out!

Although we kind of know what happens with all the guys in the series - it is no secret, it is in this book!! - I am really looking forward to watching these big burly guys get brought to their knees by the women in the series.

Am looking forward to the next book, which will be Zane's story.




 It all started in first grade when Cat Johnson won the essay contest at Hawthorne Elementary School and got to ride in the Chief of Police's car in the Memorial Day Parade...and the rest, as they say, is history. As an adult, Cat generally tries to stay out of police cars and is thrilled to be writing for a living. She has been published under a different name in the Young Adult genre, but released her first romance in 2006.

Today, she is a NY Times & USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of contemporary romance and contracted with Kensington and Samhain Publishing. She's also sponsored real live bull riding cowboys.

--from the author's website