Monday 1 December 2014

✪ Release Day Blitz ✪ Review ✪ Death's Shadow ✪ TJ Hamilton ✪

My name is Tatiana Pavlenka. I am the Russian Ballets Prima Ballerina. Its been a tough journey to reach the pinnacle of my career, and it has come at a great cost my soul.

I have been known by many names throughout my young life, but no one knows the true identity of who I really am.

War is about to break out around
Russia, and it is the perfect opportunity for me to kill every man who has hurt me; who had his way with me.

The evil that
s about to strike down on Russias powerful men isnt from their neighbouring countries. Its from me, the one they call Ten' smerti Deaths Shadow.


**ARC received for an honest review**

A ballerina turned assassin? Let me at it!!

We met Kira/Tia/ Tatiana in You Can Call Me Miranda and caught up with her in Keeping Thyme, and now we get the whole story.

We knew she flew off to join the Russian Ballet, but things are not always what they seem.

And boy, things really weren't as they seemed!

TJ Hamilton takes us on one hell of an adventure!

Starting up where Keeping Thyme ended, we are taken on a non-stop rollercoaster ride, never knowing what was around the corner.

But what I want around the corner is a Luka. Through past and present tense we get the story of Tia and Luka and I gotta say I think he may have taken over from Nick as my favourite of Ms Hamilton's men. There is nothing not to love about him!

Through the past tense we also learn what happened to Tia back when she first got to
Russia, and OMG it is heart breaking. But you can never keep a tough Aussie woman down and I loved how she fought through it all to get where she is today.

There are some great secondary characters, and I especially liked Boris

There are a few WTF moments that will have your head spinning. But we don't expect anything less from a TJ Hamilton book.

Can't wait to see what she brings us next

TJ is an Aussie former cop turned writer. Her experiences with the seedier side to life when she was on the beat in one of Sydney's toughest areas, has given her plenty of food for fodder in her sexy tales of mystery and intrigue. 

Tragedy always strikes deep in TJ's stories, so her version of romance isn't like the kind your mum used to read. Nowadays her only source of action is the one going on inside her head as she enjoys a quiet life in the tropics with her ultimate leading man and beloved young family.