Thursday 25 September 2014

★ What Took You So Long? ★ Jessica E. Larsen ★

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• 272 pages
• Release Date: 28 September 2014

4.4 Stars
Milky Valdez was smitten by Dave Ciolo from the first moment their eyes meet, but there was a problem, Dave didnt like virgins, which she happened to be. Out of desperation, Milky asked the unthinkable of her friend, Luke Marino.
Now, five years later, she finds herself missing him. Desperate to reconnect, Milky seeks him out only to discover that a horrible accident has left him suffering from amnesia. Can she rekindle a flame that never had time to burn or will a misunderstanding leave her longing for the love she never knew she wanted?


20 year old Milky lives in Madrid. Her parents died when she was little and she grew up with rich foster parents - but she doesn't want to use their money, she wants to make it on her own in the big city - that's why she accepts a job from her neighbor, music manager Luke: she's to manage teenie pop-star Amerie.

Luke! Oy! ☺

He's nine years older than Milky and a total playboy.

We immediately feel/see that Luke really likes Milky - and she likes him too - but she's just too inexperienced and doesn't want anything to do with his womanizing ways. BUT - they still become best friends.
And then Milky met Dave.
But unfortunately she overheard him telling his friend that he's not into virgins - and that might be an obstacle in Milky's way to pursue him.
That's why she asks Luke to rid her of her virginity ☺
But poor Luke - she always stops them before they get to the good part - she's too afraid.
But she has to do it if she wants to have a chance with Dave!!

What will happen to Milky and her two guys?
Will there be a HEA?
Will everybody die at the end?
Or will there be a horrible Cliffhanger?


l don't want to spoil anything

Great Book!

It was just way too short :(
The way the blurb led me to believe, I expected something huge.
But the part about Luke (or Dave? the blurb isn't all that clear to me ☺) losing his memory five years later....That doesn't happen until way after the middle of the book - and that's basically where the story should really start - so I was a bit sad about the shortness of it :(

But it was a really cute & fast read.
Luke is really cute and hot and Milky is pretty likable too ☺
I just wish Jessica had written a real full-length story about them!

And the five year jump in time - I think to make the story more believable it shouldn't be more than a year....
But I really liked it - and I'm looking forward to reading whatever Jessica comes up with next ☺


WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? was a really cute & sexy Romance - definitely not a waste of your hard-earned money ☺!



I was born in the Philippines and has been living in Spain since 2004. And though, I've enjoyed writing since childhood, I discovered my true passion for writing in 2006. I started story blogging in 2009, joined various writing groups and eventually published my own books.

I write both English and Filipino stories. I love to travel whenever I have a chance. I've been up and down in Europe and draw inspiration from places I visit.

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