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✪ Rough - Daunting Temptation ✪ Drucie Anne Taylor ✪ #1 ✪

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ROUGH - Daunting Temptation
• 286 pages
• released September 2014
Coral Gables Series #1

Stand-alone, sexy New Adult Romances!

4 Stars

Camille came from Texas to Coral Gables, and all she was looking for was a sound college education.
Before long, Delsin Rough, the most notorious ladies' man on campus, gets in her way. He is everything she does not want. Though she struggles to keep him at bay, she can barely help letting him get closer and closer to her heart, until the inevitable happens: She falls in love. But soon jealousy and insecurity make Camille feel she has no choice but to run away from her own feelings.
Delsin however is a temptation hard to resist...

Camille - the young, innocent country girl from Texas, is now studying Science at the University of Miami. She has good friends in her two roommates and her buddy Avery. But then there's Delsin. His name alone makes him stand out from all the other guys. He's everything Camille doesn't want in a guy. She sees herself with a cute nerdy guy, not some man-whore-fratboy-too-sexy-for-his-own-good achitecture student.

But he won't stop pursuing her - and what might've started as a challenge for the boy who could have any girl he wants - it might become more as Camille and Delsin get to know each other...
But will Delsin be able to give up his one-night-standish life for Camille?
And will she believe him and more importantly IN him, when he says he will?


 Nope . . . I'm not telling you ☺


I really liked the story - it might've been a tiny little bit too young for this old reviewer though ☺ Camille is only 19 years old.
But - it was a really cute and sexy and funny New Adult romance.
With lots of sexy guys!!!
(and I hope I'm not sounding too pedophilish when I say that☺)

Delsin is a really cute guy - a nice guy -  he wants to stop with his old life-style and have a real relationship with Cami - but she's not sure if she can trust his words...

She's one of those heroines that I don't really like - she gets on my nerves a lot with her YES - NO - YES - I want you - I hate you - I want you again - behaviour - but you have to have a bit of drama in every good romance ☺

I think the best part of the book was Avery - he'll be the star of the next book ☺

I think the story could've been a bit longer - there are a few redundant lines in there - descriptions of tasks that I don't really need to read about  - but the story itself could've been a bit more! The end just happened - bam, The End! And as it was at 91% of the kindle file I was expecting a bit more - but it was over :( I always like to have a nice Epilogue ☺

The book was first released in German - and the translation is not really very - let me say: Contemporary - there are lots of OUGHTs and MUST'NTs in there - but hopefully she'll go over it again and make it a bit more modern american ☺

But all in all it wasn't a bad read - I laughed a bit - I even shed some tears...

ROUGH was a cute and sexy first part in a New Adult Romance Series - with the potential of becoming better with every book written.

I'm looking forward to the next books in the series...
lots of cute guys have to find their HEAs



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Drucie Anne Taylor was born in 1987, is the pen name of a German writer. She lives with her Fiancé, her two sons, her cat Josephine and her rabbit Thumper in Cologne/Germany. Writing with a pen name was her wish, because she thinks that her name sounds too German. In 2013 she made the decision to write Young and New Adult Novels. So the Coral Gables Series was born. Each book is a standalone but the characters may reappear in the following. Drucie loves reading Jeaniene Frost's and Lynsay Sands' Vampire novels as well as many other fantasy books. She also designs jewellery.

 Coral Gables Series
(Connected Stand-Alone New Adult Romances)

German Reading Order
(only one book available in english so far!)

Rough: Raue Versuchung (Coral Gables Serie 1)
Avery: Sinnliches Verlangen (Coral Gables Serie 2)
Priest: Prickelndes Begehren (Coral Gables Serie 3)
Nathaniel: Vertraute Liebe (Coral Gables Serie 4 - Novelle)
Thierry: Verzweifelte Sehnsucht (Coral Gables Serie 5)
Draven: Rockige Leidenschaft (Coral Gables Serie 6)
When she arrives (Coral Gables Serie 7 - Novelle)

Coming soon:
Gavin: Pure Leidenschaft (Hamptons Serie 1)
Anson: Gefährliche Begierde (Coral Gables Serie 8)