Tuesday 29 October 2013

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Stark Trilogy #1

• 299 pages
• release date: October 10, 2013

5 Stars

According to Hayley love is a subject of ridicule, a myth created by hopeless romantics.

When Hayley makes a resolution to declare her loose lifestyle era R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…

That is until she meets Daniel Stark, a well-respected, mid-thirties business man who is known for his short temper, lack of steady relationships as well as his strict preserve of his private life.

Opinionated, sharp tongued Hayley accidently steps into his office leaving Daniel resolved to put Hayley in her place and have her in his bed.

Both Hayley and Daniel can’t avoid the immediate instigation of the attraction between them.

In a unanimously agreed upon verdict by Hayley and her two best friends, Ian the gay self-absorb, aspiring model and Natasha the witty, borderline neurotic soul mate, Daniel Stark is to be Hayley’s pure physical attraction, emotions aside era closure.

Will it indeed be a closure, or a beginning to something neither Hayley nor Daniel ever bargained for…

To reach the core of inner beauty one must first unravel the many protective layers.
About the Story...

San Francisco.

 Hayley is living in a little apartment with her best friend Tasha.
She's working a temporary job until a dreamjob at a magazine comes her way.
She wants/needs to give up those empty one-night-stands. Because that's the only form of relationships she's had for as long as she can remember.
And when she accompanies Tasha to a job interview at Stark Software - her caffeine addiction leads her to the boss's private kitchen, where she accidentally runs into the Boss-Man himself - without knowing that he's THE Daniel Stark - Billionaire Business Hottie!

one Daniel's many cars - a Bugatti Veyron
They start talking and flirting and they end up having coffee together the next day.
Daniel doesn't do relationships. But he's so completely charmed and surpised by Hayley - he wants to give it a try.
They start a 'thing' - both not really knowing what kind of thing it is - but we can see that they're falling for each other.

Hayley thinks that Daniel has some huge mood-changing problems. He's adorably sweet one minute and  mad and angry the next. A bit Bipolar.

There will be lots of problems on their way to a happy end....
BUT there won't be a happy end any time soon..... ☺☺☺
I have one word for you:


But that's it - I'm not telling you anything more - you have to read it yourself to find out what happens


 I really loved it.

The first impression you get - well - maybe not you - but I got it - as a huge Fan of Fifty Shades and Crossfire etc.: it's just the same!!!
Girl falls in love with a rich guy - a guy with hidden problems - she has a best friend - and another gay best friend - they text all the time - they have sex a lot ☺ the book is even called Layers??? Shades? Layers? hm ☺ just take out the kinky stuff from FSOG and it's just the same!☺

BUT that doesn't make Layers bad!!! Not at all - I loved it!
It was a wonderfully romantic and sexy and funny and moving Romance!!

Daniel is such an adorably funny & hot guy!
Of course he has problems from being abandoned by his dad when he was a little boy and he never really had a girlfriend - he only used professional escorts - because they couldn't hurt him. So all this 'having-a-girlfriend-thing' is completely new for him. But it's also completely new for Hayley too. She's used to uncomplicated one night stands.
And to see the two of them doing this relationship thing together is really sweet and sexy and funny and cute ☺

We have LOTS of sexy moments in the book - sexy moments in his office - sexy moments in Mexico - etc. ☺

Of course there are also very sad and frustrating moments....

This book was a really great & sexy Romance - go and get it!!!!
You won't regret it.
Even the writing style is interesting - and the way Sigal lets her characters talk in that funny way ☺ I really enjoyed reading it!!!




By teen age, Sigal already lived in three different continents where she had the luck to experience and visit varied places, meet unique people, which only helped fuel her overly developed imagination. Currently, Sigal calls Estonia home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

Not exactly sure where they will end up next…

When she is not hiding in her office, writing, she enjoys music, reading and taking care of her little clan.

With a great believe in "don’t wait for things to happen - make them happen," she enjoys anything exciting life has to offer.