Wednesday 6 March 2024

🏈 The Play (Charleston Condors #4) 🏈 Beth Bolden 🏈


Last year, defensive end Deacon Harris witnessed the very worst of the Charleston Condors. After everything he and the team went through, he promised himself he’d walk away from football. But before he can retire, the team is sold to the last person he ever expected to see again.

Deacon stays because the Condors are going into major rebuilding mode. New owner. New coach. New players. New rules.

But one rule hasn’t don’t fall in love with the owner of your football team.

Grant might be brilliant and a billionaire, but Deacon only remembers Grant as his tutor in college—and as the one who got away.

In all his dreams about reconnecting, he never imagined that Grant would end up as his boss. Both his downfall, and also his salvation.

Or that they’d be forced into confronting the Condors’ most difficult challenge yet—but that they’d face it together, hand in hand, tackling their critics and proving once and for all that love doesn’t take sides.
Copy received via Neon Rainbow Reviews for an honest review
Yaaaas queens, this whole series has been leading up to The Play for me.
I have been impatiently awaiting Deacon and Mr G's story so for long, and it did not disappoint
This pair (we find out) have been crushing on each other for so long, and in the other books, we have seen them circling around each other, all two steps forward, one step back. The UST between them *fans self*
The slow burn, the heated looks, the sparks that could be seen from outer space? Yeah, that's what this book is full of and what lifted it to a 5 star for me.
Because even though it took them a while to get there, they got there at last.
I am sad that this is the last of the Condors series, but I know that this will not be the last we see of these characters in our lives.