Thursday 9 November 2023

Vendetta (Lexi Winter #3) - Sarah Barrie


Cop or criminal? When you're undercover, the lines can get a little blurry. Former vigilante Lexi Winter, returns in a fast-paced, suspenseful crime thriller for readers of Candice Fox and Shelley Burr

Ace hacker, former sex worker and vigilante Lexi Winter is now a cop and not keen to revisit her criminal past. But when old friends invoke the wrath of a local motorcycle club - the same club Lexi herself used to work for - she races to help them the only way she undercover.

If Lexi is to save a child's life, she is going to have to go back - back to a life she thought she had outrun. Back to the person she used to be. But her timing isn't great. Former club president Arthur Cronin has finished his long prison sentence and is out for revenge for the death of his wife and child. As he launches a series of bomb attacks on the club members who set him up and the cops who took him down, Lexi is caught in the middle.

Torn between old loyalties and new responsibilities, she must decide once and for all which side she's on, but even if she does decide to break free, are her old criminal friends ready to let her go?

ARC received from author for an honest review. 
These are just some of the things I said as I was reading Vendetta.
This series has quickly become a must read for me.

I knew this installment of the Lexi Winter series was going to be one that I would enjoy, but boy that was an understatement.

You will need to have read the first two books (Unforgiven and Retribution) to get the whole Lexi story (and believe me, you want to get the whoooole story).

The emotions I felt reading Vendetta, though, were unexpected. 

I felt anger, hurt, disappointment.  All the things that Lexi was feeling as she embarked on this part of her story.

I don't want to give too much away, as this story is one you just need to immerse yourself in and just be there as everything unfolds.

In the words of Molly, do yourself a favour and buy this book, you won't be disappointed.