Wednesday 1 November 2023


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Mia Sheridan

• 1 November 2023
• romantic psychological thriller
(but slightly connected to Bad Mother)
4.75 Stars

The chilling story of the abduction of two teenagers, their escape, and the dark secrets that, years later, bring them back to the scene of the crime.

It’s senior-year spring break, and Noelle Meyer and Evan Sinclair have been kidnapped. Neither knows why they were chosen, only that they share a tragic past: Evan’s father got away with killing Noelle’s mother, effectively ruining her family when the death was ruled an accident.

Despite the connection that should have made them enemies, the teens instead unite to face their other common denominator—their abductors. Noelle and Evan survive one sadistic circumstance after another, eventually making a harrowing escape. But every happy ending comes at a price…

Years later, Evan, now a private investigator, revisits the crime when he learns it may be ongoing. He reaches out to Noelle for help, and they discover that the answers lie with a man known only as the Collector. To close their case and solve the ones that followed, Noelle and Evan must unmask this mysterious spectator—the only man who knows enough secrets to take their captors down.

While ATLR's is a complete standalone, it is set in Reno just as Bad Mother was, and there are a few (general) references to the case from that story. For that reason, I'd suggest reading Bad Mother first to plant yourself firmly in that world. →

Noelle + Evan

Seven years ago Noelle's mom was shot by Evan's dad. The court ruled it an accident.
Now, 18 year olds Noelle and Evan find themselves kidnapped and held in a dark cage with no idea why, where, who, what. What is happening. It has to be connected with what happened to their parents, right?
They both go to the same highschool but the do not run in the same circles. Evan is super rich and Noelle's dad had to work super hard these last years just to keep his business and to pay all those lawyer bills!
And now here they are in hell with no idea how to get out or if they even should keep on fighting through all the horrible things that are being done to them.
But - they can escape and years later they're back together to finally find out what happened back then and why and who and all the things!


Well... I liked reading this.
It might be very triggery for some readers. Horrible things are being done to our darlings in that place. And I kinda had the feeling that I've read the exact same kidnappy thing before from Mia? I suffer from Bookalzheimers, but wasn't that what happened in WHERE THE BLAME LIES? Well, obviously it's not the same story, but the same kind of kidnap vibe. But pff... I still loved reading this.
At first we get this very sad and dangerous and dark captivity part with Noelle and Evan trying to escape. Which they finally do. But we still don't know what happened and why?!
And then we jump a bit in time.
The haven't seen in each other in years.
But new things have come to light and now they're detectiving their way through the rest of the book.
I really enjoyed that. The second part a bit more than the first part - obviously - I didn't like to see them suffer!
I loved the detecting part and I loved the sweet private scenes.
Great story!

I wouldn't mind seeing this as a Netflix thing one day.

ALL THE LITTLE RAINDROPS was such a great book. Dark and intense and suspensy and dangerous and sad and heartbreaking and hopeless and sweet and adorable and exciting and mysterious and ... all the things!! GO READ IT!



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Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.