Saturday 21 October 2023

❤ Talk To The Heart (Rose Hill #3) ❤ Rachael Johns ❤


 Releasing 1st November 2023

 How hard can it be to resist temptation?

Adeline Walsh never thought she would give up her worldly possessions - her iPhone, her make-up and even her successful life as a dog breeder - to join a convent on the other side of the country. But after the discovery of a shocking family secret she feels called to a life of poverty, chastity and obedience. 

Life at the Smallton convent is nothing like Adeline expected. The other sisters quickly become like family and Adeline feels like she's found her place in the world. Until she meets Holden Campbell, a man as tempting as the devil himself. 

Due to a devastating accident in his past, Holden is not interested in any relationship or even a friendship with Adeline, but when their dogs keep bringing them together, he reluctantly accepts her help to organise a charity event. 

An accidental kiss tests both their resolves, but they are determined to fight the attraction raging between them. Holden doesn't believe in love and Adeline isn't going to risk everything she's just found. 

Can they resist each other while continuing to work on a cause they both passionately believe in? An emotional and uplifting story about overcoming your past from bestselling author Rachael Johns.


Copy received via Netgally for an honest review

A bike riding, lumberjack looking, Captain Von Trapp-esque foster dad and a nun/sister-to-be? Small town Sound Of Music?

That is what Rachael Johns has given us with Talk To The Heart.

Now, I will admit that I didn't think our leading lady Adeline could have been redeemed after remembering what she did in the earlier books (which you do not have to have read), however I should never question where Ms Johns takes her characters.

Holden and Adeline have sparks and attraction for days, and both have their reasons to ignore the attractions - but I am so glad they didn't.

The more I read, the more I wanted to hug Adeline (whoda thunkit?). Yes, she was an absolute beech in the earlier books, but now I know her more, I understand her.  Don't condone what she did, but her personal growth and healing really shines through.

And Holden? Well,I feel that he is an absolutel delight that you need to just dive in and get to know for yourself.

Beautiful storytelling, wonderful characters, and plenty of emotions, this is a new favourite by Ms Johns for me.