Thursday 19 October 2023

πŸ¦‡ MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE 🩸 Eva Knight aka Helena Hunting πŸ§›

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Eva Knight

• 19 October 2023
• New Adult Paranormal Rom-Com-ish

4.25 Stars

The perfect rom-com to sink your teeth into!

Hazy Florence is on track to graduate top of her class but she's determined to have a little fun along the way.

As soon as she lays eyes on her mysterious and swoony new neighbour - Godric Hawthorn - Hazy knows he is just what she needs and they instantly fall for each other.

But this is no quintessential college romance. Godric has a secret . . . he's a vampire.

Dating a vampire comes with its own messy complications. And then there's Hazy's jealous ex-boyfriend who's dangerously close to the truth.

Can Hazy protect her boyfriend's blood-sucking secret?

Or could there be more at stake then Hazy and Godric's hearts?

Hazy + Godrick

We're in our last year of college.
Hazy is living in a house with her two besties. And Godrick just moved into the old abandoned house in the neighborhood with his two brothers.
It's insta attraction between Hazy and Godrick.
But there's also Hazy's idiot ex Blaine. He wants her back.
And there's obviously the tiny little fact that Godrick is a Vampire.
And Blaine is a reporter for the college newspaper and he's very suspicious of things!


I really liked reading this.
I'm not the biggest paranormal romance fan. But if it has to be paranormal - it better be a Vampire!
This was a cute college romance. Funny, sparky, adorable, a little mysterious and exciting.
The characters were a tiny bit old for my tastes. Somewhere between 15 and 19 would've been much better. All that partying and talking about boys non-stop didn't really fit with a collegey person who wants to become a doctor. The ages just felt weird to me. At least in the first half of the book.
The story was cute but it was also a bit slow. The way she finds out about Godrick was weird and a bit ridiculous and too late into the book - a book that is called My boyfriend is a Vampire! It should've been either a series, so that we'll get much more of Godrick and Hazy or a few repeating lines and scenes should've been cut to make it faster and more interesting.
For a Vampire Rom-Com there wasn't enough Vampire stuff and not enough Comedy. It has both but it could've been much more. And a bit less of the partying and Blaine drama.
But I still liked reading it. It got better after 50%!
It was a cute college thingy and we love those!
I mean - there's not much new stuff you could invent when it comes to romances and vampires.
And I liked Godrick and Hazel and the friends and brothers are great too. There's potential for a lot more from all these people!

MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE was a cute and funny and collegy and vampirey New Adult Love Story! I really liked it!


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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.