Saturday 25 March 2023

🎬 THE HERO IN HER STORY 💜 Kelsey Kingsley 🖤

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Kelsey Kingsley

• 24 March 2023
• Hollywood/Single Dad Love Story
• standalone
(Spin-off from The Girl in the Front Row!)

4.5 Stars

Tarryn King has always been a thorn in Connor Jacobs' side. Ever since the moment his disabled little sister became best friends with the snooty brat, Connor was left with no other purpose than to be the grumpy big brother, wishing for their falling out.

And he learned to live with that—until the day he gave her the shirt off his back ... and discovered it’s possible to be jealous of an inanimate object.

For two decades, that embedded thorn has been the object of his desires. But that's a secret he'll never tell. She'll always see him as her BFF’s mean older brother.

Besides, she isn't just his sister's best friend anymore. She's THE Tarryn King. And what could a famous actress who has everything see in him? A single dad who collects garbage for a living.

But when her very attractive—and very available—costar enters the picture, Connor knows he has to make his move … or live with regret forever.

Tarryn + Connor

They've known each other for almost 30 years. Tarryn is his little sister's best friend. And Connor and Tarryn never got along. At all. But what both of them don't know? They've also kinda been in love with the other for decades.
And now Tarryn is a Hollywood superstar and Connor is a grumpy 35 year old single dad garbage truck driver in Connecticut.
How could something happen between them?
Possibly because his sister is getting married and Tarryn is coming to all the events?
Maybe Connor should use this last chance at a happily ever after with his dream girl - instead of starting another fight again the second he sets eyes on her at the airport. Plus why is her hottie co-star suddenly sniffing around Tarryn?
Last chance Connor....

Let the fun times begin ...

Long Island-New York-Connecticut-Hollywood-Scotland-Garbage-Truck-Driver-Single-Dad-Little-Sisters-Best-Friend-Childhood-and-Life-Enemies-to-Lovers Romance?
Yup - count me in. LOL!
If you've read The Girl in the Front Row, you were already waiting for Tarryn and Connor's story. And it was so cute.
They've hated each other for decades but they also love each other. Which they never told anyone. And now is finally their time. And it was adorable and funny and a bit heartbreaking and hopeless. But they'll fight for that happy end.
I liked reading this. It was a tiny bit too uneventful for my tastes. No idea what I mean by that. But I wanted a bit more. It felt like they went from hating each other for decades to suddenly texting each other and bam they're together. I didn't feel that getting together moment at all. Even though it was decades in the making. Hm. No idea. I was expecting a bit more. The only 'drama' we have is the co-star and Tarryn's fear of not being loved and left by everybody ...
I kinda wanted to throw the kindle against the wall at the way Tarryn acted towards the end. But you always get those silly and stupid misunderstandings or fights or whatever at that point in a romance. So I kept on reading and it was so very adorable at the end.

I still loved reading the book.

THE HERO IN HER STORY was a very sweet and long overdue love story.
A Long-Island-New-York-Connecticut-Hollywood-Scotland-Garbage-Truck-Driver-Single-Dad-Little-Sisters-Best-Friend-Childhood-And-Life-Enemies-To-Lovers Romance!

Run to your nearest book dealer for your own Connor - this one is MINE!



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Kelsey Kingsley is the author of fifteen novels. She lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel. She loves tattoos, music, makeup, and Frasier reruns. Kelsey is a Slytherin. She curses a lot, and she fucking hates cheese.