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💋 LADY MAFIA 🔪 Debra Anastasia ❤

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L A D Y  M A F I A
Debra Anastasia

• 25 March 2023
• Standalone ...
• ... but we might see some people we know from previous books!

4.25 Stars

The latest novel by Debra Anastasia, LADY MAFIA is an action-packed, sexy mafia romance that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Leto is on a mission to rescue his brother from the clutches of a crime boss, but his plans take an unexpected turn when he kidnaps three women who aren't who he thought they were.

As Indy, Aster and Zinny navigate through dangerous situations, unexpected romances emerge and alliances are formed in the most unlikely of circumstances. Their bachelorette vacation ends up with a lot more weapons and scary men than anyone anticipated.

Will they be able to outsmart the criminals and save the day?

Find out in this action-packed adventure full of twists and turns.

Get ready to join the LADY MAFIA!

With its strong female characters, heart-pumping action, and unexpected twists and turns, Lady Mafia is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. But it's also a story about the power of friendship and the importance of standing up for what you believe in, making it a perfect read for anyone who loves a good adventure with heart.

It also has some incredible spicy scenes!

Indy, Zinny and Aster were just planning on spending a fun Bachelorette weekend in the Maryland casino city Slots.
But they don't even make it out of the airport before they get kidnapped by this hot guy and his buddies.
Hot guy Leto is just trying to save his idiot gambling addict brother's life.
Leto is supposed to bring the three legendary Lady Mafia ladies to the mafia boss guy his brother owes money to.
But unfortunately the real ladies never showed and now he has to make do with these three crazy chicks. One of which is just his type. Damn.
But also ... things might not be as they seem ... and everything will get even more complicated and dangerous ....

Let the fun times begin...



That was a fun book. Funny and fast and crazy and criminal and sparky and sexy  .... it was a great little story.
You immediately like Leto. And then Indy comes along and they're just so adorable together. Super insta attraction on both sides - but she's his hostage and he's a criminal, right? We don't really know what's what in the beginning. LOL!

I really enjoyed reading this.
But I'm not a mafia romance fan at all.
This was not really mafia, but everyone is kind of a criminal.
So that's not my thing at all.
And I wish we would've gotten 100 more pages - lots of things seemed rushed and weird.
I liked reading this. I had to read it - it's a Debra Anastasia book - but it's not my genre or it just wasn't my day for this book. Even though I liked it. But I didn't love it. Didn't feel it at all somehow - at least parts of it.
Oh - maybe it was because the book didn't know if it was supposed to be a rom-com, a comedy, a mafia story, a mafia romance, a suspensy thriller, or a sisterhood women's fiction thing.
Maybe a rom-com only thing would've been the best choice. For me!

Oh, and if you're extremely weird like I am - and if you want to get to know ALL of Debra's people - many of whom are in here - I would suggest you should at least read Mercy, Havoc + Lock - and everything else too obvs!

LADY MAFIA was a fun and crazy and mafia-ish suspensy rom-com kinda thing! Run to your nearest book dealer for your own Leto - this one is mine!! And do we pronounce him like Jared? Leddoh? Or Leetoe?


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Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and writes new adult angst and romantic comedies. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two amazing children.