Wednesday 17 August 2022

* Sugarloaf Ridge Lies * Jennifer Ryder *


Jennifer Ryder
Release Date: August 16

Troublemaker. Distant son. Loner.

Farmer Jericho McAllister has typically shied away from dating, preferring the occasional one-nighter. His bad reputation has kept people at a distance, but there’s always been something missing.

Until Liv.

New to town, the young teacher has a way of drawing him from the shadows. She sees past town gossip, instead focusing on the good in his heart and his hopes for a future, restoring the old lavender farm. He wants the kind of relationship his brother Finn has, but can he commit and lead an honest life when he’s been surrounded with lies from birth?

Peacemaker. Estranged daughter. Lost soul

In the wake of devastation, Olive Rosehill is determined to keep her promise—to make a difference. Holding herself responsible for tragedy, she jumps at the chance to start over in Sugarloaf Ridge. Her aim to focus on work and forget the past is going to plan.

Until Jerry.

The enigmatic farmer’s strong yet shy demeanor leaves her wanting more, but is she ready for a chance at love? And if she reveals the cause of her nightmares, will their budding steamy relationship fizzle out?

A story about family, trust and second chances by Jennifer Ryder.

Copy received for an honest review

Welcome back to Sugarloaf Ridge, where secrets and lies are bound to make their way out

You will need to have read Sugarloaf Ridge Secrets first to get the best out of this story.

I wanted to know more about Jerry from the minute I met him in book 1, and I was not disappointed in him at all.

I didn't really connect with Liv though. There is nothing wrong with her, she is a fine character and all, so maybe this was just me.

I got all the small town feels - having done the tree change myself I get the small-mindedness, cliquiness and b!tchiness that comes with being the "interloper" into a small town

And don't get me started on Penny - that woman deserves something unpleasant to happen to her!

Loved the friendships that Liv makes and how the bring embrace her into their lives

Jerry is just amazing and we all need one of our own.