Thursday 16 June 2022

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Only a bad nanny knows what it’s like to kiss the boss.

CEO millionaire, Max Fletcher is a single dad in desperate need of a nanny.

Cozy Barlow is in the middle of her self-appointed “gap year” and doing everything she can to detach from her past.

But when her sister begs her to interview for the nanny position of a high maintenance client, she doesn’t have a good enough reason to say no.

And when Max locks eyes on the twenty-something in a tie-dye sweatsuit who pitches the idea of daydreaming all summer—he prepares to give this bad nanny the boot.

One problem: Max’s little girl thinks this plus-sized in body and spirit nanny might be her new bestie, so she hires her on the spot.

Now Max is stuck with this bizarre woman who hates everything he represents—corporate greed, money, status, power.

But one stormy night when the power goes out, he discovers Cozy doesn’t hate him. In fact, he’s the leading role in her fantasies.

antasies, he would very much like to make a reality.


ARC received from author for an honest review

CEO millionaire? Ugh, so 2017 I hear you say.

But never fear - Max Fletcher is millionaire that you want to know.

Amy Daws has given us a wonderful, brilliant, my-favourite-Amy-Daws-book-except-for-My-Hayden story that I am still smiling thinking about the next day.

Max and Cozy's story is sweet and sexy, laugh out loud and lovable. Gah, I just loved it.

Now, I am stingey with my 5 star reviews, so if you are seeing 5 stars from me, it really is one of those books that I just felt and loved the whole way through.

I liked that even though our lovelies have their problems and issues, there is not OTT drama for drama's sake.  I love that they tackle their issues like adults, and act like rational human beings - I can't be the only one who gets sick of stupid mis/non-communications?

Add in an adorable 11 year old and the characters from the series (I mean, who doesn't want to know what Mercedes Lee Loveletter is up to these days??) and a whole bunch of new guys to fall in love with, and you have one of my favourite books of 2022 so far.

I now need more of Max's brothers in the future.

Buy it. Read it. Love it 






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