Wednesday 15 June 2022

✪ A Game Of Retribution (Hades Saga #2) ✪ Scarlett St James ✪


Hades, God of the Dead, does not take sides or bend the rules. He makes no exceptions to these values — not for god or mortal, even his lover, Persephone, Goddess of Spring.

Usually, fear prevents retaliation.

But not this time.

When Hera, Goddess of Women, approaches Hades with a plan to overthrow Zeus, he declines to offer help. As punishment, Hera sentences Hades to perform a series of labors. Between killing mythical monsters and recovering deadly stolen artifacts, each feat seems more impossible than the last and draws his attention away from Persephone — whose own tragedy has left her questioning whether she can be Queen of the Underworld.

Can Hades maintain the balance he craves?



 Copy received from New South Books for an honest review

 I have been on a bit of a run of books based (mostly loosely) on the Greek Gods, so the blurb for A Game of Retribution intrigued me.

 I have  not read the first book in the Hades series, so I admit that this may affect my feelings on book 2 a little bit.

I don't know what Hades and Persephone were like in the first book, but I will say that I really liked Hades (am I supposed to like the God of the Underworld? Probably not as much as I did haha)

I did feel that there was not really much happening for a 444 page book. Sure there is one God trying to overthrow another, blackmail and the likes, but mostly it was Hades and Persephone, who are supposed to have this big love, fighting, not communicating, and effing it out.  Oh boy, do they boink it out a lot.  I mean, yeah, fighting is foreplay and all that, but you still gotta talk to each other in between.

But this could just be me, and again my not reading the first book may affect this.

I did enjoy A Game of Retribution to read it all, but I don't know if I will go on and read more of the series.