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• 30 October 2021
• Book #2 in the Poison & Wine Series
• connected standalones
4 Stars

A sizzling romance under wraps – what do you do when the sparks are too bright to hide?

There’s so much going on in Vicky’s life. A demanding job as the only female VP at a male-dominated company, good times with her tight-knit group of best ladies, and of course, her fabulous dating life. A committed relationship is somewhere near the bottom of Vicky’s list of life goals. A massive fan of new beginnings and the thrill of being swooned off her feet, Vicky has the perfect formula: date, for a limited period, and never exclusively.

Not many people go to sleep anonymous and wake up the next morning a worldwide sensation. With a voice that melts hearts, and a dangerously lethal smile, Ricky’s overnight fame means he can have anyone he wants, but the one he wants isn’t into a serious relationship. To make matters worse, pursuing her goes against his record contract stipulation to remain single.

Opposites don’t simply attract – they detonate.

When a forbidden sizzling affair sparks between the music industry’s newest heartthrob and an ambitious corporate world prodigy, it brings along an ageless question – would you give up your dreams for a chance with The One?

Vicky + Ricky.

They're part of the same circle of friends. They have these mega sparks and an amazing insta connection. But... Vicky doesn't do relationships, right? Our Ricky would be very willing ... But he's also about to be a huge rock star and the record company wants him single.
But he's not giving up on his dream girl...



You had me at ROCK STAR! 😍

This book was adorable! I really liked reading it.
It was funny, cute, sparky, sexy, rock stary and a bit heartbreaking.
I didn't love his name. No idea why... but I can't take a guy called Ricky serious as a hot rock star! Patrick is his real name - the first one who ever called him Ricky as a grown up needs to be hit over the head with my kindle!🀣
And I hated all those becoming-a-rock-star 'laws'. I would've never signed that contract. He's not a 17 year old boy band cutie. He's a grown man! He could've made it on his own! Grrr. I hated that manager lady at first.
But anyway. The story was really sweet and anything rock-stary will always be my favorite kind of book!

Can't wait to see what Kayla's story will be like next - By Fate!
BY CHANCE was an adorable and funny and sparky rock-star-y romance! Please run to your nearest amazon for your own Patrick - this one is mine! MINE!

ARC received for an honest review
I enjoyed the first book in the Poison and Wine series, so it was a no brainer to dive into book 2.
This is Victoria's book - she is the sister of Anna from book 1, and her rock star FWB.
But first - ugh, Ricky as a name for a full grown man just, I don't know, felt childish to me (unless it is Ricky Martin, as he just couldn't be called anything else).
And then we come to Ricky and Vicky - ummmmm
Don't get me wrong, I like them but those names together are like a primary school boyfriend and girlfriend.  But this is just my weirdness so ignore me for this hahah.
I liked that they were friends before his fame hit, and I liked the way they negotiated their way through that - though I was mad at Ricky for the way he dealt with managers and contracts and things. I am glad that he finally stood up to all that BS.

And there was also a "thing" that as soon as it happened I was waiting for the followup "thing" *insert eye roll*. Can we please get rid of that trope in alllll books (Sorry Sigal, this is my bugbear and I say his in every review with it).

I know it sounds like I didn't like this at all, but that is not true.  I did like it, just the actions and the tropey things I was not a fan of.

I am looking forward to the next installment of this series.


2 paperback sets of BY MISTAKE & BY CHANCE:


I walk over to the opposite corner of the counter to set the wine aside and get two glasses, saying, “Alexa, play mix list.” At the same time, Ricky turns on the faucet to wash his hands. A few things still need minor tweaking in my apartment, as every new property does, and the very noisy faucet is one of them. My command gets a little swallowed by the squeaky faucet, and when Alexa responds, it takes me a little too long to realize what she says. Somehow mix list turns into wish list, and the smart device starts from the top.


“You have twenty-five items on you wish list.” Only when it starts reciting the actual list do I make sense of what I’m hearing. “Number twenty-five, sleeping with Ricky. Number twenty-four, going back to Jutland—”


“Alexa,” I yelp, and the damn device pauses, waiting for my command. A little thing I added to the list to amuse myself last night comes back to bite me in the butt with a vengeance. The guy making me dinner halts at once, dropping the knife to the cutting board with a little thud.


Ricky turns to look at me with arms folded across his chest, his lips tipped at the side. He cocks his head; his eyes crinkle at the sides. “No need for wishing, babe. All you have to do is ask.” He then adds, “Or breathe.”


Enough’s enough with this stupidly attractive guy thinking he has me wrapped around his finger. It’s time I took back control over whatever this is between us. I fold my arms across my chest, face him, and say, “Take your shirt off.”


His surprise is a blink-and-you-miss-it fleeting expression on his face. He quickly recovers and wordlessly moves his hands to the hem of his shirt and pulls it off in one fluid motion.


A hallelujah chorus is starting in my head to the sight before me. The broad chest, defined muscles, and full-sleeve tattoo dominating his right arm, with a beautifully detailed compass covering the shoulder.


Bringing his pointer finger forward, he gestures for me to remove my shirt, rasping, “Quid pro quo, babe.”

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