Sunday 14 November 2021

✪ The Prodigal Sister ✪ Darry Fraser ✪



Release date: 1st December 2021

 Headstrong Prudence North faces a dangerous blackmailer who threatens her family and her dreams of escaping domestic drudgery. An enthralling historical mystery from a bestselling Australian author.

1900 Melbourne, Victoria

Miss Prudence North is freshly returned from university in Scotland and determined to find her place among the male-dominated world of the new forensic sciences when a high-ranking policeman waylays her. He threatens to charge her father for illegal medical practices unless she helps him build a case against local landowner Jasper Darke by spying on him.

With her sister's illness worsening, if their income disappears, Prudence will have to take on nursing and domestic duties and she'll never have the freedom she craves. Prudence has no choice but to agree.

Immediately taken with the handsome Mr Darke, a seemingly good and honest man, Prudence can't see what nefarious activities she's meant to be reporting on. She'll have to get closer...

But when a body turns up at her father's surgery, the forensics reveal to Prudence there's more going on about all this than meets the eye. It's clear it's up to her to uncover the truth - of this murder, of whatever's going on at the surgery after hours and, especially, of the intriguing Jasper Darke. Her life, her family and her future rely on it...

Copy received from Harper Collins Australia for an honest review

Darry Fraser writes beautiful Australian historical stories that take you right back in time, and makes you feel like are are back there with the characters.

I admire the strength of Prudence North. She has so much going on and so should be falling down in  a heap, but she keeps going on.

I also adore her modern mindset, how she is trying to forge her way in the world when every thing is all about the men.  I loved how she never backed down, stood up for what she believed and told it like it was

There was a bit of a mystery running through the story and I spent half the time reading waiting for the shoe to drop.  It wasn't what I was expecting, and I loved that.

I look forward to what we get from Darry Fraser in the future.