Tuesday 15 June 2021

πŸ‘‘ Teri Wilson 🌷 ONCE UPON A ROYAL SUMMER πŸ‘‘

Teri Wilson

Release Date: 15 June 2021


Lacey is working her dream job at a Florida Fairy Tale Theme Park. She's Princess Sweet Pea all day long - bringing smiles and happiness into children's lives. Her almost fiancΓ© did not like her silly job - that's why he never became her fiancΓ©. 
Prince Henry has been widowed for a few years now and his almost seven year old daughter Rose is still grieving her mother. But Henry's mother - the Queen - is insisting that Rose start her royal duties once she turns seven! That's why Henry is taking his little girl on an undercover vacation to the place of her dreams. Lacey's Princess Park!
Insta attraction between the real royal and the fake princess.
But this would never work in real life, right? 😁



Well. That was super adorable. Such a sweet and funny and slightly heartbreaking romance! I just adored Lacey and Henry and Rose. And the BFFs Ava and Ian too. The first half of the book we're at the fairy tale park, and then we all go to Bella-Moritz to mayybe find that fairy tale happily ever after? We'll see. 😍
I really enjoyed reading this. Cute, adorable. Just really sweet and beautiful. It's Hallmark, not HBO - so don't go in expecting a sexy romance. 🀣
If I may s p o i l a tiny bit ... the first kiss basically happens in the very last sentence of the book. But still - even though I like my romances very sexy - I really enjoyed reading this one!


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