Tuesday 22 June 2021

❤ Perfect Song (Mason Creek #2) ❤ Lauren Runow ❤


  I came back to Mason Creek when my life was turned upside down, both literally and figuratively. Scared and alone, I packed my belongings and left New York where I’ve made a career as a writer for a national publication to stay with my parents in the town so different than the big apple they might as well be on different planets.

Getting to see my friends was a big plus, but meeting someone new never crossed my mind until a ruggedly handsome man in jeans and a worn baseball cap came over to say hello. Not knowing someone in this small town is like not knowing how to breathe. The slightly older man caught my eye, just as much as I caught his. A witty and roguish personality kept me on my toes, even if falling for someone new is the last thing I need.

Neither of us wants a relationship, yet we keep finding each other in this small town. Rumors fly, hearts connect, and there’s more at stake than either of us are willing to share.

This man has secrets everyone wants to know, but when more than he’s willing to share is revealed I hope I’m strong enough to help him. I may have come back to town to save myself, but saving him might be the real reason I’m here.



ARC received for an honest review

I know it says Book #2 up there, but this is a standalone book in a connected series by different authors, so you don't need to have read any others to enjoy Perfect Song.

 Nobody wants to think that what they need in their life is to head home to the small town the couldn't wait to escape - but sometimes heading home is the best thing for you, body and soul

And this is Justine's life. I know the small town vibe can feel a little smothering (believe me, I did the tree change from the city to a small country town, and everyone knows alllll your business - usually before you do!).

But it is also like a warm hug from all your loved ones, all at the same time.

Tucker and Justine's story is all kinds of love and adorableness.  Tucker is all man and all kinds of swoonworthy. He is passion, loyalty and love all wrapped up in one sexy package.

 Though I did get frustrated with him at one time, but could also understand his whys.

I loved that Justine didn't buy into all the small town gossip and prejudices.Small towns come with a lot of small minds in my experience.

I adored Tucker's son, and Justine's friends are the kind we all need in our lives.

I enjoyed my visit to Mason Creek, and I will have to check out more of the books in this world.