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• 18 May 2021
• Book #1 in the West Hollywood Serie
• Cover-Model: Norbi Novak

4.5 Stars!

He walks the red carpet. She’s more familiar with vacuuming one.

When a scandal tarnishes the reputation of hot as hell A-lister, Patrick Walsh, he needs a reputation rescue, pronto.

Enter waitress Norah Peers
a nobody whos average with a capital A. Shes available, dependable, and has sworn off men for the rest of her natural born life. In other words: the perfect match for a no-strings fake romance.

For the right amount of money, she can avoid waitressing and play the part of his dependable down-to-earth girlfriend. What she can’t avoid
dammitis the growing steam between them.

But being hounded by the paparazzi and having your life dissected on social medial is a panic attack in the making. And while Patrick might be a charming rogue on screen, in real life he’s a six-foot-two confusing, gorgeous, brooding grump, who keeps her at a distance . . . but also makes her feel like this bond between them might be more than just an act.

Being dumped on cue should be no big deal. Except being fake with Patrick is the realist relationship Norah has ever had. What’s a girl to do, but flip the script, and ask for a rematch made in Hollywood?

Norah + Patrick.

Norah is 30 years old. She's pretty happy working her waitressing job at this little italian restaurant. Plus a second job so she can pay for her grandma's senior living place. Her success with relationships is nothing to write home about.
Enter Patrick - a regular diner at her restaurant.
He's 36 year old Hollywood star.
He's in a bit of a PR nightmare at the moment - so his people need him to get a fake girlfriend for a few months until everything calms down.



That was so cute!
An adorable and funny and sparky and very Hollywoody love story!
I loved Norah and how she just went with it. Getting hired as a fake Hollywood girlfriend? No problem - I've done that a hundred times before. LOL!
The way she tries to drag grumpy Patrick out into the light of happiness. So cute.
I really enjoyed reading this!
I loved his parents and her grandma and his BFFs - I see more stories coming there!
Can't wait to see what book #2 will have to tell us!

I kinda had the feeling that the book just ... started. You start reading and bam you're in the story - everything just happens immediately. There's no prologue or a few slow chapters to explain things. Nope. Paddy needs a girlfriend and bam Norah's it.
It felt a bit too fast and too ... no idea. A bit weird. I think it's a Kylie Scott thing - I remember complaining about it before. BUT - it's also not a really bad thing. I hate it when a story is unnecessarily long with too much extra drama and info that I don't need to know. So it's definitely not bad. I really liked reading this!

Oh and another tiny little thing ... again, just me and my weirdness.
The expression THAT IS TRUE. In this book Kylie uses THIS IS TRUE - four times at least. And it bothered me so much. No idea why. It's probably not grammatically wrong, but it sounds so weird to my ears!???

Anyway, don't worry - nobody will be bothered by these things! Just me. 🀣

This was a really beautiful Hollywood Romance and I enjoyed reading it!
And the cover - phew!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

ARC received for an honest review!

Woot woot! Happy dance! A new Kylie Scott book is out in the world.
And I am loving the wet tshirt contest competitor on the cover (sorry for objectifying, but he is lovely!)

I love a fake romance. I love reading along as our lovelies pretend there aren't feelings. That this is all just a ruse. We're friends but that is all it will ever be.

I loved Norah jumping right into the deep end with Paddy.  I felt for Paddy that he was taking all the blame for things that happened that lead to the fake relationship.

It did seem that we did just jump right into things - but that isn't a bad thing, I get tired of stories that waffle on before they get down to the nitty gritty.

I also love the secondary characters, especially Mei - I neeeeeed her to get a story.

I am looking forward to more in the West Hollywood series (and now I want to go back to WeHo, I had a great time there!)




He slunk into the restaurant mid-afternoon wearing his usual scowl. Ignoring the closed sign, he took a booth near the back. No one else was allowed to do this. Just him. Today’s wardrobe consisted of black jeans, Converse, and a button-down shirt. Doubtless designer. And the way those sleeves hugged his biceps . . . why, they should have been ashamed of themselves. I was this close to yelling “get a room.”

Instead, I asked, “The usual?”

Slumped down in the corner of the booth, he tipped his chin in reply. For such a tall guy, he sure went out of his way to try to hide.

I said no more. Words were neither welcomed nor wanted. Which was fine since (A) I was tired and (B) he tipped well for the peace and quiet.

Out back, Vinnie the cook was busy prepping for tonight, his knife making quick work of an onion.

“He’s here,” I said.

A smile split Vinnie’s face. He was a huge fan of the man’s action films. The ones he’d made before hitting it big time and taking on more serious dramatic roles. Him choosing to visit the restaurant every month or so made Vinnie’s life complete. Especially since the restaurant, Little Italy, was the very definition of a hole in the wall. Not somewhere generally frequented by the Hollywood elite. Meanwhile, I was less of a fan, but still a fan. You know.

“Get him his beer,” Vinnie ordered.

Like I didn’t know my job. Sheesh.

He was busy with his cell by the time I placed the Peroni in front of him. No glass. He drank straight from the bottle like an animal. Just then, a woman in a red sweater dress and tan five-inch-heel booties strode in through the front door.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed,” I said.

“I’m with him.” She headed straight for his booth and slid into the other side, giving the man a dour look. “You can’t just walk out, Patrick. You’re going to have to choose one of them.”

“Nope.” He took a pull from his beer. “They all sucked.”

“There had to be at least one that would do.”

“Not even a little.”

She sighed. “Keep this up and you’ll be obsolete by next week. Beyond help. Forgotten.”

“Go away, Angie.”

“Just another talented but trash male in Hollywood. That’s what they’re saying on social media.”

“I don’t give a shit.”

“Liar,” she drawled.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Obviously they knew each other, but he did not seem to want her here. And she really wasn’t supposed to be here. Vinnie had okayed after-hours entry to only one person. On the other hand, if I asked her to leave, she’d probably sic her lawyers on me. She looked the type.

The woman spied me hovering. “Get me a glass of red.”

“She’s not staying,” countermanded Patrick.

Angie didn’t move an inch. “They were all viable options. Pliant. Young. Pretty. Discreet. Nothing weird or kinky in their backgrounds.”

“That might have made them more interesting.”

“Interesting women is what got you into this mess.” The woman frowned, taking me in. Still hovering. One perfectly shaped brow rose in question. “Yes? Is there a problem?”

Now it was Patrick’s turn to sigh and give me a nod. He was so dreamy with his jaw and cheekbones and his everything. Real classic Hollywood handsome. Especially with his short light brown hair in artful disarray and a hint of stubble. Sometimes it was hard not to stare. Which is probably why his personality tended to scream “leave me alone.”

I headed for the small bar area at the back of the restaurant to fetch the wine like a good little waitress.

“We shouldn’t be discussing this here,” said Angie, giving the room a disdainful sniff. Talk about judgy. I thought the raw brick walls and chunky wood tables were cool. Give or take Vinnie’s collection of old black-and-white photos of Los Angeles freeways. Who knew what that was about?

Patrick slumped down even further. “I’m not going back there. I’m done with it.”

“This isn’t safe.” Angie looked around nervously. “Let’s—”

“We’re fine. I’ve been coming here for years.”

“You just got dropped from a big-budget film, Patrick,” she said, exasperation in her tone. “The industry may not find you bankable right now, but I’m sure gossip about you is still selling just fine. This week at least.”


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Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.