Sunday 23 May 2021

✪ Bastard Bartender (Zodiac series, Gemini) ✪ Lauren Runow and Jeannine Colette ✪


Meeting a man in Vegas is easy. Finding one to settle down with? Not so much. 

When I relocated to Sin City for my job, I decided this was my fresh start to get away from old habits, including my penchant for dating the wrong type of guy. Namely, bad boys. 

 So, I came up with an experiment to make me expand my dating horizons. I can only talk to men whose name begins with a certain letter of the alphabet. 

After I meet them, we hang out, and we might date for a short period of time, but if he’s not the one I move on to the next letter. 

It’s easy, and it leads me to meeting all kinds of new men until one night at the bar, a very sexy bartender discovers my little plan. 

 The cocky bastard of a bartender is Nicolás Antonio Santiago, and he’s as gorgeous as his name. Enthusiastic, charming, and clever, Nic takes to my love life with interest and helps me with my pursuits. 

We become fast friends, and he whisks me on his wild adventures. His impulsive ways become addictive, and while I’ve been trying to stay away from bad boys, I find myself falling for one. 

As our relationship grows intense, I have to push my desires aside and stay the course. Nic doesn’t do love or relationships. Even if the sexual tension between us is palpable, I have an experiment to finish, and the next letter in my list is far from N. 

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. My fear is when I leave, my heart will stay here too.




ARC received for an honest review 

 I have been enjoying the Zodiac series by Runow and Colette, and whilst I liked Bastard Bartender, I found this one to be my least favourite.

Whilst as  much as I love a good friends to lovers story, I just didn't feel it with Nic and Evette.  

Her "by the alphabet" way of looking for a guy was OK - even if she couldn't look past her nose to wee what was in front of her - but Nic's selfishness is what got to me most of all.

 I didn't really feel the romantic connection between then, and I think that to me they probably would have been better staying as friends, or FWB.

I just wanted to slap some sense into Nic most of the time. I get why he wants to live life to the fullest, but his stubbornness and selfishness when he was involved with Evette annoyed me.

Ugh, but these things are probably just me. 

So, whilst I didn't love this installment, I look forward to more of the Zodiac series in the future.