Sunday 17 January 2021

❤ Rebel Roommate ❤ Lauren Runow and Jeannine Colette ❤



Growing up, I had one rule: stay away from my brother’s best friend.

It was easy to follow. I spent my years avoiding the boys on the baseball team, studying hard, and saving every dime I could. When I was accepted to transfer into UC Berkeley, I needed a place to live, and my brother had a free room off-campus.

Win-win, right? Except that best friend I was determined to stay away from is now my new roommate.

My very naughty, very rebellious roommate, Wesley Knight.

The boy who was once the bane of my existence with his constant teasing is now a drop-dead gorgeous athlete. He’s the life of the party, but I can’t have fun. According to Wes, no guys are allowed to talk to me.

Well, two can play at this game. If I can’t date, then neither can he.

It starts off as innocent fun. Some half-naked yoga or a little flirting until an interrupted moment of self-gratification turns things dangerous … for my body and my heart.

Living with my brother and his best friend has me breaking all the rules. I just have to decide if the consequences are worth the reward.



ARC received via Wordsmith Publicity for an honest review

 I have been very much enjoying this series, and Rebel Roommate was no exception.

Although to me, it should have been called Douchey Brother instead of Rebel Roommate, as our lovely Stacey's brother Chad was a PITA and I found him pretty much unlikable.

 However, our lovelies Stacey and Wes were 😍

I love the tension between the Stacey and Wes - they say fighting is foreplay, and you know these two are going to be explosive if they ever get their act together. They are so cute and adorable and frustrating, but I couldn't help but cheer for them.

Wes, now I have a cdouple of issues with the man, but they could just be my issues.  I wish we got more of what happened in his past.  We have all this stuff alluded to, but it was not until we got more info and I got right into his head that I understood all his actions. 

And through it all, I still disliked the brother Chad hahah - have I said that already?

Full of flirty banter, alphaholes,   and frat boys, Rebel Roommate was a fun read, and a great addition to the Signs series.