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• 19 January 2021
 slightly connected standalone
(sister & best friend from 1st book)
• Physics-Nerd-Football-Bad-Boy-Romance
• Book #2 in #TheGameChangers

4.5 Stars

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills delivers a smart and sexy romance about a professional football hottie and the girl he’s sworn to never touch.

Homeless and heartbreakingly innocent, Giselle Riley walks into my penthouse and chaos follows.

I shouldn’t have invited the girl genius to live with me, but it’s clear she needs my help
not only for a place to lay her pretty blonde head but in finding real love, which shes not going to get with the crazy men she picks up online.

Too bad she’s a twenty-four-year-old virgin and I’m a bad boy wide receiver. She’s off limits for a hardcore player like me
and were just friends.

Instead, I’m her matchmaking service, no matter how jealous it makes me when I tag along on her dates.

I can keep my self-control. Right? No way will I give in to everything inside me that dreams of a girl like her in my world.

I may be the best wide receiver in the country, but how could I hold on to a girl like her?

Giselle & Devon.
We met them both in the first book.
Giselle was the heroine's boyfriend-stealing beautiful nerd sister - the guy who then cheated on her too.
And Devon is Jack's best buddy. Football bad boy.
Since Jack told all his teammates that his new sister is off limits - Devon is a bit scared everytime he's in the same room with this amazing woman. Especially because she's also still a virgin at 24.
But suddenly she's living with him!



This was such a sweet and funny romance!
Of course we also have a few not-so-funny things in our darlings' pasts. So we don't get an insta happy end - they have to work through some stuff. But nothing bad ... they just have to realize that they've been each other's HEA all along.
So cute and sparky and adorable and fun. I adored both Giselle and Devon! And all the others too - Aidan, Myrtle - amazing cast.
I really want to see this on Netflix one day!
NOT MY MATCH was an adorable and funny and sparky physics-nerd-football-bad-boy-love-story! I adored it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Devon - this one is MINE!

I still don't like Ilsa's overuse of those sentences - the ones that probably have a real grammatical name... no idea what it is though...example:
My age, he's a very sweet guy I met in college.
In her seventies, she's wearing her silver hair in a bun.

Know what I mean??? :/ Me no likey!!!

ARC received for an honest review

Not My Match is the second in The Game Changers series, and I liked it better than the first book, Not My Romeo
I adore Giselle - which I have to say, I didn't think I did after events in Not My Romeo.  However she is well and truly redeemed in my eyes.
Devon is all kinds of deliciousness wrapped up in one man. His struggles around our lady are cute and funny and frustrating - and ooooh the UST between this pair is off the charts.
I had my issues with Jack in this installment - hello, would you like to be called the pot or the kettle today?
The familial bonds are strong in this one, and you can't help but want to cheer them on to good things.
Myrtle is the best (except for the tan, she reminded me of the neighbour in There's Something About Mary at times lol.
Get thee to a book seller and buy a copy of Not My Match - you won't be disappointed. 
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 Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

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