Thursday 18 June 2020

♫ One Wicked Lick from the Drummer ♥ Ainslie Paton ♫

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• 18 June 2020
The One Series #3
• standalone!
4.25 Stars

As the wildly exciting drummer in an up-and-coming band, Grip was at the top of Mina’s list of hot drummers to hook-up with.

She’d promised herself that after she nailed him, she’d quit her groupie life, finish her finance degree and become her own rock star.

Fifteen years later, she’s right on track, a polished professional investment advisor, her goth-look and the name she used back then a distant memory.

Except the new client in the boardroom is her old obsession, more sexy and famous than ever, and her promotion to partner depends on making him happy.

With her clothes on.

He’ll never guess who she was, so her secret was safe, until her obsession comes roaring backand Grip remembers the one girl he could never forget.

Back with the boys from LOST PROPERTY.
Grip - the drummer - and the only non-family member is trying to get his finances in order.
Ever since he started making serious money, he hasn't been dealing with it all so well. He's fallen for scheme after scheme. A bad racing horse, a plantation without trees. Et cetera.
That's why he's now sitting in Mena's office. She's a financial advisor.
What Grip doesn't know is that Mina is kind of the one that got away 15 years ago. The one groupie he could never forget.
But Mena had to forget and that's why she changed everything about her to be taken serious in her job.
She changed her name. She's a blonde now. She's wearing boring office clothes.
But Grip is still very intrigued ... he thinks he's met her before ...
But Mena can never start anything with a client - and her promotion is depending on this one hot drummer client!
Let the fun times begin!

  What will happen with Mena & Grip?
Will there be a HEA?
Read the book to find out!

Eeep! Rock-Star-Romance!
Our favorite kind of book!

There's not much music/band/concert stuff in here, but I still loved it!
We still have that rock star vibe. Mena used to be a groupie after all. And Grip is still a world famous drummer.
It's so adorable how he's so worried about his money. He doesn't want to waste it all on stupid things and he can't give away too much to charitable places. He needs to look out for his future too. And Mena will help him. But she will also fall for him again - even though she doesn't want to! So adorable!
But of course we always wonder ... will she tell him about their past? Will he find out on his own?
What will happen!???
The rocky rock star and the buttoned up icy blonde ex groupie....
I just adored reading this!

ONE WICKED LICK FROM THE DRUMMER was an adorable & funny & sexy & australian second-chance-rock-star-love-story! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Grip - this one is MINE! ☺

Copy received from the author for an honest review

I love receiving ARCs from Ms Paton - they are always a little bit different and a lot loveable.

We've met Grip and the Lost Property world in book 2 of this series, but now we get him out from behind the rock star persona.

Then Mena, the former drummer groupie is now all serious and sh!t, but when their worlds come back to together they can't fight that spark.

But there is the one thing that irritated me, not just in this book but all my stories.  

Communicate people!The whole time I was reading I was waiting for the shoe to drop with the things not communicated.  But that is probably just my bug bear and won't bother anyone else

I loved this was set in my home city, and I loved that being a rock star story, it wasn't all about the rock star life.  It was the normality of Grip's life that made me smile.

I really enjoyed spending a few hours couch time with Mena and Grip.

I can't wait to see what dose of different Ms Paton gives us next.


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 Ainslie Paton always wanted to write stories to make people smile, but the need to eat, accumulate books, and have bedclothes to read under was ever present. She sold out, and worked as a flack, a suit, and a creative, ghosting for business leaders, rabble-rousers, and politicians, and making words happen for companies, governments, causes, conditions, high-profile CEOs, low-profile celebs, and the occasional misguided royal. She still does that. She also writes for love and so she can buy shoes, and the good cat food.