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• 30 April 2020
Hunt Legacy Duology #1
• #2 - Wicked Truths - 12 November 2020

4.75 Stars

Artful Lies, a brand new irresistible and passionate romance from the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of the This Man series, Jodi Ellen Malpas, is coming April 30, 2020!

An irresistible connection, a desire that won't let go...

When aspiring antiques dealer Eleanor Cole is handed the chance of a lifetime to work for the Hunt Corporation, the renowned antiques dealers, she doesn't think twice. Only to discover she'll be working up close and personal with the notorious and insanely irresistible Becker Hunt. He is a man famous for getting what he wants, and Becker wants Eleanor.

But as Becker pulls her deeper into his world, she discovers there's more to him than meets the eye.

And falling for Becker goes from being foolish to dangerous

She just arrived in London.
After years of taking care of her late father's little antique shop in the country she finally wants to work in the real world of arts and antiques.
The first job interview did not go well. Thanks to this horrible - but oh-so-hot - cab-thief!

Let's hope the second interview will be better.
It's her dream job. Working in the most beautiful place with the most amazing pieces.

He's her new boss. And the cab thief.
The insta attraction between them is insane!
But Eleanor wants to concentrate on the job. It's her big dream.
Plus she's also had it with guys for a while!
And Becker .... he's not ready for anything serious either.

But the heart (and body) wants what the heart (and body) wants!




I loved reading this!
I loved the whole setting. London. The scary dark alley to get to the shop. The beauty inside of it. I just wanted to say FML - I'm taking over Eleanor's life! I have no idea about art and antiques, but I SO want to work at Hunt's! LOL!
Eleanor and Becker. Adorable how they flirt and argue and fight.
I just adored them and all the others too. I loved this story. I was right there in this story with them all. Just Beautiful. Sexy. Funny. Mysterious. Exciting. Dangerous. Sad. Heartbreaking. Amazing book!

I can't wait to see how it will all end in WICKED TRUTHS! Hurry November!!!

I also wouldn't mind if this book would show up on Netflix one day soon! ☺

ARTFUL LIES was such a beautiful & funny & adorable & sparky & sexy & antique-y love story! I just loved it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Becker - this one is MINE!

Tiny little thing that bothered me a bit. Becker - as amazing as he is.... he was a tiny little bit too ... immature?? for my tastes. Just a bit. It was a bit too exaggerated how he dealt or not dealt with things. Even after everything he's been through. Still. He was a bit too much in some ways. But I still adored him and everything about this book!
4.9 Stars only because I don't much like a series/duet where I have to wait SO long for book #2!

ARC received for an honest review

It's been a while since I read a JEM story. And as soon as I started, I knew why I always enjoy them.

Eleanor and Becker's story made me want into their lives.  I was drawn in to their world of art and antiquities, but more than anything, I was drawn into The Haven.  I am willing, right this minute, to hop on a plane and Hunt (no pun intended) that place down!

I love the push/pull between our lovelies (even though at times Becker acted like a 5 year old who had his favourite toy taken away).

Just as I was really getting into their story and their relationship - BAM! There was something that I reallllly  wasn't expecting.  Then we were cliffied, gah!

I have an inkling of how things will turn out in the second installment, however I am looking forward to seeing how things play out.

But really, do I have to wait until November?


‘I’m told you’re settling in well,’ he says, but I still refuse to look at him.
‘Yes, very well, thank you,’ I answer, giving myself a cheer for my professionalism. Then I move to the right. And so does he.
‘Good,’ he says quietly. ‘Very good.’
Biting my lip, desperately wrestling off the urge to take a quick peek at him, I step to the right again. And so does he. ‘Excuse me.’ It takes everything in me to maintain my strength. He’s like a magnet to my eyes. Nothing as stunning as him should be ignored. Immune? I laugh to myself. I don’t think that’s possible.
It’s a long, long while, but I eventually see his smart brogues shift.
‘My lady,’ he says quietly.
Damn it. I chance a peek up at him as I scoot past, catching the signs of a cheeky smirk. And, shit, if my eyes don’t sprint over his entire face as I continue past, and then down his tall frame.
‘I look better naked,’ he says, all low and sexy. That soon breaks my trance, and I swing away, outraged, marching on.
‘I don’t plan on finding out,’ I mutter under my breath, and he laughs, telling me I didn’t voice my promise quietly enough. I stop, turning to face him. ‘You know, I’m pretty sure I could make a complaint to HR about sexual harassment.’
He grins. ‘I am HR. What’s your complaint?’
I narrow my eyes. ‘You’re not funny.’
‘Then why are you fighting to hold back your grin?’
My lips purse. Damn him. ‘Are you going to continually try to get a rise out of me?’
‘A rise?’ He peeks down at his groin area, and then glances back up, his grin now mild. ‘Too late.’
My eyes naturally drop to his groin, and he chuckles as he turns and saunters away. My head cocks in admiration, his lovely backside my focus. It really is a sight to behold, his sexy swagger executed to a T.
‘Stop looking at my arse,’ he shouts over his shoulder.
I cringe. Holy shit, I need to find some control. He’s my boss, for Christ’s sake. ‘I was doing no such thing.’
‘You know,’ he calls, ‘I’m pretty sure I could make a complaint to HR.’
‘What’s your complaint?’ I ask on a frown.
‘That you’re undressing me with your eyes.’ He doesn’t entertain me with another glimpse of his lovely face, just carries casually on his way, disappearing through the large doors into the Grand Hall.

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‘A lingering idea that I just couldn’t ignore.’ – Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her husband, boys, and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse and mojito addict, and she has a terrible weak spot for alpha males. Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion—a passion she now shares with her devoted readers.

Her novels have hit bestseller lists for the New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, and various other international publications and can be read in more than twenty-four languages around the world.