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• Book #1 in the M/M #PrimeTime Trilogy
• 27 May 2020
• Book #2 will be out 27 July
• Book #3 is coming 27 September
• Confessions: Henri & Bailey Spin-Off

4.75 Stars


If I had to describe Sean Bailey, it would be: a surly, temperamental pain in my ass. Never in that equation would I ever include the word boyfriend
and not just because hes straight.

The older brother of my life-long best friend, Sean is a detective for the Chicago PD, and is also known as Detective “Dick” for being...well, a surly, temperamental pain in everyone’s ass. He also happens to be the best they have, which is why I find myself on his doorstep the night my life is threatened by an anonymous stalker.

I only wanted the name of a bodyguard; I didn’t expect for Sean to volunteer for the job. Now, not only do I have a bodyguard, I also have a fake boyfriend.


It must be so hard to be Alexander Thorne, the number one prime-time news anchor in the country, with millions of dollars and a car that costs more than my house. I mean, I’m allowed to give him a hard time about it, but when some creep decides to cross the line and go after him, they’re gonna have to answer to me.

Going undercover has never been an issue in the past, so I don’t see why there’d be a problem now. Xander and I have known each other for years, so this should be a breeze. Except suddenly my stomach’s flipping when he looks my way, and my body comes alive whenever he brushes by me. I know I’m good at my job and playing a character and all, but this is getting out of hand.

I can’t be sure that either of us are playing anymore. 

ARC received for an honest review

A new series from Ella Frank? Why yes please, get on my Kindle!

This is a spin off of the Henri/Bailey books, however it is a complete standalone.

Now, I am not usually a big fan of the gay-for-you trope, however Ms Frank has brought me my favourite GFY story with the Temptation series, so I knew that I was going to like Sean and Xander's tale.

It is also a complete opposites attract tale too.  Xander the man about town in suit and tie, Sean the grumpy man in jeans and tees.  I could totally see how they could take a while to warm up to each other - I mean, it took me a while to warm up to Xander (but I really did like him by the end)

But oh man, as much as they fight it, I love them both, and they are going to be the death of me, waiting for this series to play out! It might just be me, but I am a bit over the duet/trilogy/quartets at the moment.  So many books I am picking up are coming this way, and I am just impatient.

This installment is low on the heat, as there is so much to set up. I am sure things will be scorching later in the story

Xander and Sean.
We already met them in previous books - but you do not need to have read those books to understand this series. You should've read them - just because they're adorable - but you don't hafta ☺

Xander has been a famous news anchor for some years now. Being in the public like that and being openly gay ... that gets the attention of lots of crazy folks. But now his boss thinks the newest crazy person might be the real deal. A very dangerous stalker type. Boss man orders a twenty four hour bodyguard for Xander.

Xander wants to ask Sean - the cop brother of his best friend Bailey - for a recommendation. But Sean decides to do it himself. He needs a break from being an undercover cop for a bit. Why not play the pretend boyfriend for this rich TV guy who he's known since they were kids?

What neither of them expected were the sparks though .... it should be mentioned that Sean is not gay!


I really enjoyed reading this!
Funny, sparky, scary, adorable!

Sean is this grumpy, manly man-y, jeans and t-shirt cop who has always been making jokes about Xander and his money and job and lifestyle.
And Xander. He's this expensive clothes, award gala, maserati, penthouse kind of guy.
Those two living together in Xander's multi-million dollar penthouse? Adorable!

I loved those two together. So different - but we all know that opposites attract.
It obviously takes a little while for them to get that there IS attraction between them. But we adore every moment of that while!
Plus we're also looking for that dangerous stalker idiot. Very exciting.

Great first book in this new series.
I would've preferred to only get one longish book - I don't like trilogies all that much - and I hate waiting. And the sexiness and romance part was a bit missing in this first one obviously.
And I kind of expected Xander to be a tiny little bit more ... suave? Cooler? No. Manly? No. Grrr. No idea what I mean. He was a tiny bit too softish for my tastes. It's clear that Sean is supposed to be the tough guy here - and Xander is supposed to be scared and all... but still. I wanted Xander to be a tiny bit more tough millionaire or something.
But I still loved them both!

I really loved reading this first book - I might even say that this is/could be my favorite thing of Ella's since Tate and Logan ... ☺

I need the 2nd book asap!
Because .... C L I F F Y 😱😱😱

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