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✪ WHERE THE TRUTH LIVES ✪ Mia Sheridan ✪

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• 31 March 2020
• standalone romantic mystery thriller 
• BUT - Reed is connected to people from the first book!

5 Stars

The follow-up to Where the Blame Lies Where the Truth Lives is a gripping, page-turning, romantic thriller that will leave you gasping for breath.

When the director of a local mental health hospital is found murdered and mutilated, Homicide Detective Reed Davies is first on scene. What was done to the body is gruesome. Inexplicable. But Reed is dealt another curveball when he finds that the doctor who discovered the victim is someone Reed is intimately familiar witha woman with whom he shared one passionate night weeks before.

Dr. Elizabeth Nolan is somehow tangled up in the crime, and even while Reed must now question her possible involvement, he can’t help being drawn to the beautiful, enigmatic woman.

As more bodies appear and the devious killer terrorizes Cincinnati, a shocking connection begins to emerge, one that not only involves Dr. Nolan, but Reed himself. A connection more twisted and elaborate than he can imagine. Now Reed must hunt the monster down, a killer who will stop at nothing to see his diabolical plan to its final, deadly conclusion.

You don't have to know about WHERE THE BLAME LIES to enjoy this book. BUT - since our hero this time is connected to people from the first book, I would really suggest you read the first book first!

Reed is 28 years old and a homocide detective in Cincinnati.
He's just been called to murder at a psych hospital.
And the doc who found the dead guy?? Reed's one-night stand from a couple of weeks ago. Liza. The girl he still hasn't gotten out of his head.

Liza. We heard some very scary and dangerous things about her younger years in the prologue. And now she's a psychologist at the clinic. And she found her boss dead on the floor.
And then he shows up. The guy she can't stop thinking about.

Together they have to find out who is killing people and what both Reed and Liza have to do with the whole thing?!?!


What can I say?
It's a Mia Sheridan book. I LOVED reading it!
And even though it's not one of her typical sweet and cry-your-heart-out romances, it's still amazing and beautiful and dark and exciting and heartbreaking and mysterious and romantic and sexy and sweet and a bit funny even.
I adored Reed and Liza!
And Reed's partner and his family!
And the crime parts! We're guessing all through the story who the bad guy is, and WHY the eff he is doing what he's doing... And what Reed and Liza have to do with any of it! It's all very exciting and suspensy and scary and mysterious and this reallly needs to go on Netflix ASAP!!!

Great book. Nothing more I can say without spoiling the story!

WHERE THE TRUTH LIVES was such an exciting and scary and beautiful romantic mystery thriller! I adored Liza & Reed! Run to your nearest amazon asap - they'll be sold out in no time! Or  you might find them on Netflix soon  .... please?! ☺

A tiny little problem I had while reading. Just like with the first book. ☺
I have NEVER ever in all my romance and thriller reading years heard the word/job CRIMINALIST. Never! It's a crime scene investigator person. So weird. I googled it even - they exist, but why have I never heard of them? Why does television hide them from us? Or is this something locally to Cincinneti or Sweden or something?? Sooo very weird. ☺ And then Mia goes and uses that word 241 times in these two books! LOL!!!


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Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.