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• 2 April 2020
• Book #1 in the Compass series

• complete standalone!
• Cover-Model: Emilio Alcaraz

5 Stars
Even the town’s black sheep needed a friend sometimes

All I wanted to do was run away, I never expected to crash into his arms

After leaving the city life behind to escape my loveless marriage, I moved to small town Havenbarrow for a fresh start.

What I didn’t expect was to find myself drawn to the town’s black sheep.

They called him troubled. Cold. A man with a dark past.

What everyone seemed to miss about Jax was the splashes of light in his eyes. The random acts of kindness he performed when no one was watching. The way he made me smile and laugh.

Jax helped unpack the baggage I’d been carrying around with me. He was patient with my pain and gentle with my scars. He was the stillness during my hurricane.

Yet when both of our pasts come back to haunt our present days, we realized quickly that sometimes loves stories didn’t end the way we’d hoped.

Sometimes you were left with only the damage from the storm.

Book One in New Compass Series of Standalone Novels

Kennedy & Jax.
Both very sad and broken with a lot of heartbreaking events in their past.
They knew each other as kids and now they live in the same town again.
Kennedy just left her idiot husband after some very hard times and Jax has been in town all his life. He's the town's bad sheep. The grumpy plumber.
But as soon as he sees Kennedy again - his grumpiness disappears and his heart starts working again.
Same with Kennedy.
Now those two only have to heal enough to be able to fight for their forever happily ever after ...

Another beautiful Brittainy book!
I loved it.
Heartbreaking. Funny. Adorable. Sweet.
Small town. Crazy people. Hilarious.
Romance. Grief. Beauty. Hope.
A perfect romance. There's nothing much more I could say about it.
I loved reading it. I kinda got a few vibes from previous Brittainy books, but it was a really adorable romance. Almost a second-chance romance I would say, but they weren't old enough and together long enough back then to have a real relationship. But it's definitely a second-chance-BFF romance.
I also wouldn't mind reading Connor's story one day - once he's old enough and a billionaire! ☺

SOUTHERN STORMS was another beautiful Brittainy Cherry love story. Heartbreaking. Funny. Romantic. Adorable. Small-Townish.
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Jax - this one is MINE! ☺

ARC received for an honest review

Ms Cherry has done it again with Southern Storms..
Long lost friendships, full of heartaches and tragedies, I couldn't help but be fully engrossed in Kennedy and Jax's story.
The grumpy guy and the heartbroken girl who find love when they are least expecting it.
The small town vibe, with everyone knowing everyone elses business resonated with me, and I could put local names from my town to the characters in this book (you know who you are, people!).  I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I wanted to slap the crap out of some obnoxious people.
But mostly I wanted our lovelies to fall in love.
There are great secondary characters - we all need a Joy and a Connor in our lives.  I am hoping we get more of Connor later in the series.
This book does give of vibes of earlier Brittainy C Cherry books, but that's no a bad thing to me.
I am looking forward to where this series takes us.



Joy Jones was quite the character to take in. That morning, when the sun came up, she walked outside to her front porch and sat down in her rocking chair with a smile on her face and a large cup of coffee. A few of my nosy visitors told me that it was a daily routine for her.
Her silver-dripped hair was tossed up in a messy bun being held together with two knitting needles, and her thick-framed, vibrant-orange glasses sat on top of her head. She wore a vibrant bow in her hair that matched her dress for the day, and she always greeted everyone who passed by her house, even when they didn’t speak back to her. Everyone in town called her Crazy Joy, even though she was the kindest person. Her only odd quirk was that she never left her property.
I wondered how she managed, though. I wondered how she kept living without stepping foot outside of her home. It seemed she hadn’t any children and she didn’t have a caregiver who came to aid her, from what I could tell.
Later that morning, my questions were answered as a blue pick-up truck pulled in front of the house. Needless to say, my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw Mr. Personality step out of the vehicle. He walked his way straight toward Joy’s front porch with his arms filled with grocery bags.
He proceeded to greet Joy. She stood from the rocking chair as he set the bags down on the porch. Then, he hugged her.
He hugged her!
I wouldn’t have thought someone as grumpy as Mr. Personality had the ability to hug someone. The two of them walked inside to put the groceries away, leaving me completely baffled and unable to return to my scheduled reading. It took a lot to break me away from a book. And by ‘a lot,’ I meant a lot. My house could’ve been on fire, aliens could’ve beamed me up, and I would’ve still been trying to get in that one last page. When my own love story was broken, I turned to story books to heal the cracks of my broken heartbeats. When my world fell apart, the story books still believed in happily ever afters. Those books saved me on the days I felt my soul falling victim to the hardest of storms.
Yet, Mr. Personality pulled me away from the words against the page. He made me curious about him walking into Joy’s house. Watching him chat away with her had my mind racing. A few minutes later, when the two of them walked back outside with two glasses in their hands—one with wine, the other with some dark liquor—whiskey, I assumed—I couldn’t stop myself from glancing over to them. Joy kept talking, and Mr. Personality kept responding. Even though I couldn’t hear what they were saying, Joy looked beyond smitten with whatever was being said her way, which forced my own heart to skip a few beats.
Well, I’ll be damned.
The town’s asshole made me swoon.

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Brittainy Cherry has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to take part in writing screenplays, acting, and dancing--poorly of course. Coffee, chai tea, and wine are three things that she thinks every person should partake in! Brittainy lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family. When she's not running a million errands and crafting stories, she's probably playing with her adorable pets.