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• 25 February 2020
• Book #3 in the Slay Quartet
• Book #4 will be out 12 May
• Fixed series Spin-Off

This is a complete standalone series ... BUT - if you want to really experience the WHOLE THING - I suggest you start with the first Fixed book!! Celia plays a pretty big part in Hudson's story! Plus ... book 1 is ► FREE ◄

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Enter at your own risk however!! There WILL BE spoilers!!
4.125 Stars

Their relationship changes again when Celia learns the devil takes care of his own.

Edward Fasbender is my savior.

From the ashes of who I once was, he is helping me to rise.

He has a list of people who have wronged him. And now he's adding names to that list. Names that I gave him.

And we will have our revenge.

Book #3!
It's been a long while since book #2 and I forgot everything! LOL!
Damn #Bookalzheimers! But I re-read the last pages and my review of the 2nd book and now I'm back on track!
Book #3 starts with Celia and Edward arriving back in London after the Island. To finally move into the family home with Edward's sister and nephew as real married people! Not like the pretend revenge weirdos from book #1. LOL!
But revenge is still on their agenda - only now they'll be working together to make all the bad people in their pasts pay!
Let the fun times begin...

 Another great book in this series.
It took me a while to get into it. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for such a book today. I'm not really a fan of this whole bdsm/sub whatever stuff. But I really love Edward and Celia and the story is really interesting. I loved to see how they started their new life together - with all the daily stuff that happens in a normal marriage - plus their revenge and personal stuff that's not really all that normal! ☺
And I also loved the end - there's definitely more excitement to come in the last book!

SLAY THREE: REVENGE was a great 3rd book in this crazy & sexy quartet! I can't wait to see what will happen with Celia and Edward at the end of their story! Hurry to your nearest amazon asap - Edward will be sold out in no time!!!


ARC received for an honest review

I have terrible bookzheimer's, and it has been a while since book 2 in this series, so me being me, I had no idea what I was diving into.

However, once I started reading, things started to fall into place in my brain and I slowly remembered things.

Now, it did take me about 20% to really get into this story, however once it did, I was all in.

Celia and Edward's relationship has changed since the island, and for me I liked where things were going.

My thoughts on Edward have turned, and whereas before I was unsure of his motives, I know that I like where he is going with things.

Revenge is a good title for this installment of the series, and now I am impatiently awaiting the conclusion.  Is it May yet?

• Excerpt •

Inside the windowed room, I set one of the glasses on a table next to the loveseat then dimmed the overhead before taking the other glass to the armchair across from it. The string of lights that had been put up outside for the party were still lit, creating a romantic mood. Not exactly what I was going for, but it would do. In my experience, the darker setting made confessions easier.

I stretched my neck, easing the knots there as I looked out over the yard. The day had been busy and full, and the party had been, by all accounts, successful, but I’d spent the entire time preoccupied with Edward. Even when entertaining strangers or running around trying to find Ilsa to tell her we were out of toilet paper, I’d been aware of my husband. He was a magnetic force, always pulling my thoughts and my body in his direction. Like gravity holding me in his orbit.

I’d never felt that way about anyone before. Not just that in love but also that attached. I was still reeling from the newness of it, eighteen months after we’d wed.

I was also still adjusting to the way he affected me. How he’d brought me peace yet could stir up levels of jealousy within me that I’d never thought possible. His trip to the garden with Marion was innocent—it had to be considering the way he grinned at me when he’d returned. The devil himself wouldn’t flaunt his discretions so openly.

Would he?

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