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• 7 January 2020

• Book #4 in the #Gabriel Series
4.725 Stars

Author Sylvain Reynard returns with the fourth installment of the bestselling Gabriel's Inferno series.

When Gabriel and Julia Emerson first lay eyes on their newborn daughter, Clare, they realize life as they know it will never be the same. Gabriel has vowed to be a good father when he suddenly receives an invitation to give a series of lectures in Edinburgh, Scotland--an opportunity of high prestige--but that would mean leaving his wife and newborn child in Boston. Hesitant to bring it up, he keeps the opportunity from Julia as long as he can, not knowing she has a secret of her own.

When a frightening situation arises that threatens to break their new family apart, both parents must make sacrifices. With the family in danger, the looming question remains: Will Gabriel pursue his lectureship in Edinburgh, leaving Julia and Clare unprotected in Boston, or will he abandon the chance of a lifetime in order to ensure his family's safety?

This fourth book starts right where book 3 ended. In the hospital with baby Clare and new parents Julia and Gabriel.
Once we're released it's all about baby, godparents, diapers, waking up in the middle of the night, family, friends, work.
But there's also this very suspicious car that Gabriel sees driving by the house a few times.
But we don't really have time to worry about that too much, because we need to decide if and how Gabriel can accept this new amazing job opportunity in Scotland without leaving his family behind!!
A very exciting time for the Emersons ....

What will happen with Julia & Gabriel?

We're FINALLY back in Gabriel's world.
An amazing world full of Dante, grouchy professors, adorable babies, exciting and sexy moments and so much more.
I wanted to read this book in one sitting ...

but I also wanted to take my time! I never want this series to end!

I really enjoyed reading it.
I re-read the first three books to prepare for this one, because my Bookalzheimers is just way too bad. I couldn't remember most details about what happened to our darlings!
I loved this fourth book. I adored the baby and daddy moments. Gabriel is just the most amazing & hilariously ridiculous daddy!
I also loved the whole mystery about the possible danger that this car might bring into our happy new lives. And all those problems about his work, her work, combining the two. Plus we have another little health mystery - we hope that nothing bad will happen there!!!!

I really loved this story. BUT now I have to say what I hated.
The first ?? 30% or so of the book ... ugh. I wanted to throw the book out the next window on page 2 in the first chapter. And then again in almost every chapter. I HATE RELIGION! I know the Emersons are religious. There was some of that - ok, a lot - in the previous books, but it was so much worse here. At least it felt like that to me. There was so much talk about god and praying and faith. I really wanted to stop reading. If it had been any other book, I would've stopped and I would've rated it 2 stars and I would've told the author to stop selling it as a romance, but to instead put it on the christian cult recruitment shelf. It was really bad. American readers will probably not have a problem with it, religion is so much bigger in America, but I just hate everything about it! I don't want it in my romances! Period!
End of rant!

Two more tiny little things I hated. Julia. Why don't you just tell your husband things?!?! Life would be so much easier if people in books would talk to each other right away!
Plus, there was a bit too much professor-y-show-off Dante stuff in here. I didn't sign up for a college course. I wanted to read an amazing romance and not chapters and chapters of Dante and hell and faith and whatnot! I love the prologue - the tiny little heartbreaking glimpse into Dante & Beatrice, but that would've been enough for me!

BUT - as I said before... I loved this book!
And Dante and religion just have to be in this series. And because I love Gabriel and Julia so much, I didn't get too upset about all that stuff. ☺ I loved reading it and I can't wait to see the first book turned into a movie next year! #Passionflix

GABRIEL'S PROMISE was a perfect addition to this amazing series! Adorable, funny, mysterious, sexy, Dante-y. I loved it!

I think due to the relative 'openness' of the ending ... we might get at least one more book!!! EEEEP!!!!☺☺☺ But don't worry - no cliffy!!

ARC received for an honest review

Sylvain Reynard is one of my must read authors.  Gabriel's Promise has been a long time in the making, but worth every second of the wait.

Now, I have terrible bookzheimers, and I didn't reread the previous books prior to diving in to book 4, so it took me a while to get my head back around where there story was at, but once I did it was full steam ahead for me.

We are back with our Professor and his lovely Julianne, their growing family and the intriguing world of Dante and his Beatrice.

A little bit of mystery and drama, grumpy professors, and a whole lot of dirty, sexy times had me turning each page.

I did find the first 25% or so a little slow, and a little heavy handed on the religion stuff - that's just the atheist in me I guess!  If it weren't a Sylvain / Gabriel book, I am not sure if I would have kept on reading, however I knew it would be worth it to keep going.

And ugh, Gabriel/Julia - what was with the not telling each other stuff???

I know it makes it sound like I didn't like this book, however that is not the case.  Just my pet peeves showing!

What I really loved, was getting more of Paul - you know, the Angelf*&ker. I always liked him, and loved seeing his and Julia's relationship moving forward.

The ending, to me, felt a little open ended - so fingers crossed that there will be more in the future.  Please let us have more.



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