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★ Cat Johnson ★ RED HOT ★

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28 January 2020
• Friends-To-Lovers 
Small Town Secrets #2
• Coming Soon: Honey Buns (Bethany) & Zero F**ks (Boone) & Mister Naughty (A Mudville Christmas Wedding with Harper & Stone!)
4.5 Stars
It figures . . .

I went my whole adult life with a crush on Cashel Morgan. Since before we both graduated from Mudville HighGo, Hogs! But I never got out of the friend zone with him. Until now. A decade after graduation.

And why is Cash interested in something more now when he never was before? That’s the most annoying, frustrating, exasperating, ridiculous part. It’s all because another guy asked me out.

No doubt about it, Cash Morgan is going to drive me insane, if I’m not already there. Because in the middle of my personal drama in what was formerly a non-existent love life, is the fact something wonky is happening at my store. Things going missing. Things being moved.

My friend Harper thinks it’s a ghost. Our friend Bethany thinks I’m just forgetful.

I’m not sure what I thinkabout any of it. The strange happenings in my shop. My date with the hot deputy investigating the oddities in my store. And especially not Cash.

All I know is that with all the craziness that’s happened around Mudville over the past six months, starting with Harper moving to town and her discovery of all the town’s secrets stashed in Agnes’s attic, we’d all better start to expect the unexpected.

RED HOT is a laugh-out-loud romp through the small town of Mudville featuring a love triangle one overworked shopkeeper never expected or wanted, a middle sibling who discovers he might possibly love someone else more than he loves himself, a mystery involving a very coveted missing cape, an estate sale full of clues, a surprise strangeror twono one saw coming, the quirky Mudville characters you’ve come to love, and some of the most adorable baby animals ever.

We all remember Red from the first book. She runs the consignment boutique/store in Mudville, New York.
She's kinda been in lust/love with Cash - the middle Morgan brother - since kindergarten.
Cash feels the same, but he doesn't let the outside world see it!

Red just got into work to find that a beautiful cape is missing. She was going to put it in her new Valentine's Day corner. What is happening? Did someone break in or does she have a ghost? At least that's what her friend Harper thinks!
Time to call on the local law enforcement for help.
Enter Carson. And what he wants from Red is totally obvious. Which in turn brings out Cash's jealous side.

Such a funny and adorable small-town romance!
We even get a bit of mysterious and heartbreaking stuff!
I just loved reading this book!
I loved seeing all the people and animals again. And we even get some new animals and people too!
And Red and Cash! Ugh. Those two.
They could've been happily married for a decade!☺
It might have taken them a while - but now we're finally pretty close to getting that happy end!
And the reader adores every moment of that journey!

Great romance! Great cast of people and animals!
I so need to see this town and the people and animals on Netflix one day!

RED HOT was an adorable + funny + sweet + heartbreaking small town love story! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Cash - this one is MINE!

Copy received from author for an honest review
What a wonderful, sweet and sexy story is Red Hot.  

I adored Red in Harper and Stone's story, and now she is dancing around things with Cash, and phew *fanning myself* the UST between this pair leaps off the pages.

It might take a little while for them to get around to things, but everyone around them is waiting for it, know it is a case of when, not if they will fall in love.

Gah I freaking love Cash.  He shows his feelings in actions more than words, and oh my those actions.  How Red held off for so long is beyond me.  I was talking to my book, telling Cash that I would have him lol.

Great small town feel, with all the gossips and smallminded-ness that goes with it - believe me, I live in a small town, and when you think things are so ridiculous they could never happen, I am telling you they probably would!

I loved seeing more of Harper and Stone, and I can' wait for Red and Harper's friend Bethany to get her story next.


Book #1


#3 - Honey Buns - 28 April 2020

 It all started in first grade when Cat Johnson won the essay contest at Hawthorne Elementary School and got to ride in the Chief of Police's car in the Memorial Day Parade...and the rest, as they say, is history. As an adult, Cat generally tries to stay out of police cars and is thrilled to be writing for a living. She has been published under a different name in the Young Adult genre, but released her first romance in 2006.

Today, she is a NY Times & USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of contemporary romance and contracted with Kensington and Samhain Publishing. She's also sponsored real live bull riding cowboys.

--from the author's website