Wednesday 15 May 2019

✪ Claire Contreras ✪ THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE ✪

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• 15 May 2019
• Standalone Romance
4.25 Stars
Things on my wishlist:

1. Start a new, awesome job
2. Create the perfect dating app
3. top dating douchebags

Things that actually happen:

1. Got a job in my dream tech company
2. Created a workplace dating app for said company
3. Was matched Bennett, who happens to own the company and is also my brother’s best friend

They say when it rains, it pours, but this is some serious BS. It doesn’t help that Bennett was the man I had my one last night stand with. It definitely doesn’t help that he seems to want me just as much as I want him. The issue is, he won’t do anything about it, but then we’re forced to attend a tech conference in Vegas and I think it may just be what I need to turn this thing around.

New goal: get my brother’s best friend out of my system by all means necessary.

ARC received for an honest review

I always smile when a Claire Contreras story turns up on my Kindle, and The Trouble With Love kept me smiling the whole time I was reading.
It took me a while to realise that this was connected to The Consequence of Falling (Presley and Nathaniel's story) - it took someone mentioning it then I put it all together.  I have a terrible book memory, so there were lots of people and I was thinking - should I know these people.
Ben and Morgan had attraction flying out of the wazoo, and I liked that they didn't "one and done"  it.  Sure, there were hurdles to jump, however they didn't let it keep them apart.
I liked that there wasn't any OTT drama for dramas sake.  However, I wish there had been more background, especially about Morgan and her family's background.  I liked that she was kind of a tech genius type woman - but grrr she frustrated me when she reverted to a whiney teenager when "the thing" happened.  Really Morgan?
This was a cute, sweet read.  Nothing new and exciting really happened, the trope is one that has been around for a while,

Morgan just got hired by her dream company.
But her new boss - or rather the junior boss - is none other than her (unforgettable) one-night stand from a year ago!
Plus - he's also her brother Devon's best buddy from College!
Can Morgan and Bennett resist being this close to each other every day? And will Dev kill his best friend when he finds out what happened between them???


What will happen to Morgan & Bennett?
Will there be a HEA?

That was cute!
A really sweet and adorable office/tech/boss romance.
I liked reading it!
I really liked it - even though it might sound like I didn't, once you've read my whole review. LOL☺

There was a bit of funny, a bit of sexy, a bit of excitement.
It wasn't anything new or mega über exciting - but we still love and read these kinds of stories!

We never really got very deep into the past and the bad stuff - it could've been done a bit better. I wanted more detail too. We never find out in which city we are - but they talk about THE CITY constantly. (Edit: Back now after I'm done with the book, Bronx and Queens was indeed mentioned around the 60% mark - kinda wrongly because in one line they said you're going to the Bronx with that Red Sox cap? And shortly after they were in Queens!) Also about Bennett's age - no idea how old he is - but that he's older than her gets mentioned a million times!

Then, just like in the last book there were too many people in here again. Which is not good for my bookalzheimers! I hate it when books have people in common but the author doesn't declare them as a series or as connected. I really hate that. Presley and Nathaniel from the last book The Consequence of Falling were in here as best friend and business person. I didn't recognize them, but they were in here so often and talked about so much, that I had to go back and read my review for the last book and bam there they were! Ugh. Why put all those people in all your books when you don't want to write a series? Not nice! Really. I mean. < which is another thing I kinda hated about this story. I felt like I was reading about 16 year old school girls with how often a sentence started with I mean!

Another tiny little thing. But that's just my problem. I love the couple on the cover - he's reallly my type of guy! Butttt - the colors don't work for me at all. I hate orangy colors. And with that orange-red at the bottom it looks a bit like a paranormal story with hell and demons and whatnot!

OK - done now with my rant! I really enjoyed reading it. It was a sweet story.
Bennett was a really great guy!
And I liked that Morgan was not the poor, virginal, innocent assistant of the boss - she's her own tech genius! Even though I kinda hated her a bit - especially once the
always-has-to-happen-in-a-romance lie/misunderstanding/fight happens towards the end. I wanted to stop reading there for minute :/

But please don't be scared now after reading my ranty review - read the book - it's a really cute romance!

THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE was an adorable office/tech/boss/brother's best friend love story! ☺ Run to your nearest amazon for your own BENNETT - this one is MINE!!!


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