Tuesday 14 May 2019

❤ Choosing Us (Pierced Hearts Duet #2) ❤ M Robinson ❤ Release Blitz ❤

Box Two in The Pierced Hearts Duet. Choosing Us: Book one is available now!

A single glance.
A fleeting moment.
A solitary touch could make everything worth it.
This was my breaking point.
This was where I lost myself completely.
I did the only thing that made sense.
The only thing I had left to give.
I begged her...

To take me with her.

ARC received for an honest review

Well, with the way book one ended, I knew it was going to be pretty full on right from the start with all the emotions.  And boy, was it (note, don't try and keep the emotions in whilst on your lunch break).

Oh, Dr Aiden Pierce, you really are a bit of a ar$ehole - and I love it.

M. Robinson really does know how to keep her readers impatient for more, and when we get more, we don't want it to end.

I absolutely freaking adore Camila and her dance moves!  She is sweet and beautiful, but not afraid to tell it like it is.  It was a joy watching her break through Aiden's walls.

I ran through all the emotions.  Yes, I cried (I mean, it is an M. Robinson book, it is to be expected) however I laughed and cheered and swooned and yelled.  I never knew what emotion I would feel as I turned each page.

What surprised me though with this book was how little angst there was.  M. Robinson is not known as the queen of angst for nothing, and except for a couple of times, I didn't feel it this time.   Not that this is a bad thing, it was just that I had mentally prepared myself for more.

I loved seeing more of M's previous characters, particularly Noah.  He plays quite a role in this tale.

I don't want to give anything away, as this is a story that you need to feel for yourself the first time you read it (because we all know, I will be rereading it, and so will you!).  It is raw, emotional and a wonderful ending to Camila and Aiden's story.

And there is a great set up for the next book we will be getting too.  Ooooh I can't wait for that one.

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