Friday 3 May 2019

✪ The Big Kahuna (Fox & O'Hare #6) ✪ Janet Evanovich & Peter Evanovich ✪

Release date - 7th May 2019

A stoner, an Instagram model, a Czech oligarch, and a missing unicorn. Nick Fox and Kate O'Hare have their work cut out for them in their weirdest, wildest adventure yet in this latest entry in the New York Times bestselling series by Janet and Peter Evanovich.

Straight arrow FBI Agent Kate O'Hare always plays by the rules. Charming Con Man Nicholas Fox makes them up as he goes along. She thinks he's nothing but a scoundrel. He thinks she just needs to lighten up. They're working together to tackle the out-of-bounds cases ordinary FBI agents can't touch. And, their relationship? Well, there hasn't been so much explosive chemistry since Nitro was introduced to Glycerin.
Next on the docket: The mysterious disappearance of the Silicon Valley billionaire, known as the Big Kahuna. Kate's been assigned to find him but no one seems particularly keen on helping. His twenty-six year old adult actress wife-turned Instagram model wife and his shady Czech business partner are more interested in gaining control of his company. For that they need a dead body not a living Kahuna.
The only lead they have is the Kahuna's drop-out son, who's living the dream in Hawaii - if your dream is starting your day with the perfect wave and ending it with a big bowl of weed. To get close to the Kahuna's son, Kate and Nick go undercover as a married couple in the big wave, bohemian, surfer community of Paia, Maui. Living a laid back, hippy-dippy lifestyle isn't exactly in Kate's wheelhouse, but the only thing more horrifying is setting up house with Nick Fox, even if he does look pretty gnarly on a longboard. If they don't catch a break soon, waves aren't the only thing she's going to be shredding (or bedding).

Copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest review

I haven't read any of the previous Fox and O'Hare books, however I did not find that this was an issue, as there was enough back story of how they came to be partners to get me through.

Now, I may be in the minority, however with the exception of Kate, Nick and (most of the time) her father Jake, I really didn't like any of the characters.

Vicky was just a vapid, self-important wannabe Kardashian. Cosmo just came across as a babbling 13 years old girl rather than an FBI Agent.

But this could just be me.

This book (and I am guessing the previous books) have a Plum-esque feel to them (silly sidekicks, explosions, so many explosions) which is not surprising.  I wasn't sure with a co-author if Janet Evanovich's writing style would come through as much - though really, with the writing style of this book, it could have been all her work.

I liked the cross country continents jaunt that we are taken on and the hijinx that this group gets up to.

I am torn with how to rate this book.  Yes, I enjoyed it, however I didnt' find it anything new or exciting.  It was like reading a Plum book, with names changed to protect the innocent.

Will I read more of this series? Yeah, sure, probably.