Tuesday 23 April 2019

✿ Love Is A Beach ✿ Lilliana Anderson ✿


The day Darcy learned the news of her husband’s remission she expected a celebration, or at least a nice piece of cake. Instead, she was served with divorce papers. Oh, and the knowledge they were bankrupt.

With her twenty year union over and two children to support on her own, she moved in with her eccentric grandmother, hoping to find peace and quiet in the seaside town of Hampton.

What she wasn’t expecting to find was a set of saggy old man balls upon arrival.

Needing to bleach her eyes, calm her screaming teen daughter and stop her eight year old son from filming the chaos to upload, Darcy was already reconsidering the sanity in her decision. Turned out, Nana was quite the player in the retirement circle.

She also fancied herself a bit of a match maker.

Deciding local football legend, Leo Murphy would provide the ultimate distraction for Darcy, Nana enlisted the help of her trouble-loving great-grandson with somewhat disastrous results. Leo didn’t even know what hit him. Literally.

With a great smile and a body to die for, it wasn’t hard to convince Darcy to give Leo a chance. It also helped that he had a lot of patience for one particularly rambunctious young boy and couldn’t run too fast on his busted knee—a captive audience was easily swayed, after all.

But with a teenager in the midst of a meltdown, a heart cracked and bruised, and a son who wouldn’t stop acting up, even a chance could prove too much for Darcy and not enough for Leo, who wasn’t the kind of man who gave up easily.

Copy received from author for an honest review

I love anything that Lilliana Anderson writes, and it was a joy to read Love Is A Beach.

This is a (mostly) lighthearted read about finding love again.  There are some sad and very emotional times as well, but they are outshined by the happy fun times.

I can't lie though - there were people I wanted to nut punch - and they deserved it!

Another thing - I sooooo want to be Nana when I retire!  Between her and Darcy's boy Archer, they completely stole the limelight with this one.

Leo and Darcy have this insane attraction, pheromones flying all over the place between them, and all I want is for them to get together.

Ms Anderson has a great sense of humour (and some great inspiration for her characters).  There were times when I was laughing out loud as I was reading.  I want to be friends with these people so much.

Beautiful story telling, wonderful imagery, I was drawn right into this story, and I didn't want to leave.

Now I am impatiently awaiting what Ms Anderson brings us next.