Tuesday 26 March 2019

♂♂ Rex (Walkers of Coyote Ridge #6) ♂♂ Nicole Edwards ♂♂

Whether it was due to lack of funds, lack of desire, or one lame excuse after another, Rex Sharpe has managed to ignore the one and only dream he’s ever had: turning his family’s dilapidated old farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. Until now. When his cousin Travis Walker decides to invest in a venture that will help revitalize the small town of Coyote Ridge, Rex knows it’s time to put up or shut up.

They say third time’s a charm, right? Jack Cunningham learns that’s not always true. When his world is unexpectedly tipped on its axis, Jack does what he does best. He runs. Only this time, he doesn’t get far. A one-night encounter with a sexy cowboy has Jack’s already topsy-turvy world spinning even more, and he soon learns, it’s only the beginning.

Copy received from author for an honest review

First of all, how great is this cover?  I am love, love, loving the sepia look, and it really sticks out on my Kindle and Kindle app as I am scrolling through.

Flicking through my goodreads, I can see that I have missed reading a couple of the Walkers of Coyote Ridge books - they are sitting on my kindle but somehow I have forgotten to read them (so many books, so little time it seems).

It was great to dive back into this series with Rex (and it has made me impatient to go back and read the rest).

I was in tears just reading the first couple of chapters - my god, that prologue 😭

Rex and Jack's story really is a slow burn of a story.  Sure, there is that instant attraction, however it took a while - especially with Jack - for them to make a go of things.

I mean,I know we were warned about Jack's tendency to run, but gees Louise, that boy would win a gold medal at the run-from-your-issues Olympics!  I knew to expect it, and it still frustrated me! I mah have mentally clipped him around the ears a la Gibbs and Dinozzo style on more than one occasion.  And I definitely did yell at him more than once.

I couldn't help but adore Rex right from the get go, and my heart hurt for him as he wondered about people in his life.

I loved the familial bonds and support amongst the Walkers and all their cousin, uncles, former room mates lol etc.  Family is always a big thing in Nicole Edwards stories, and it always, and I mean always makes me wish I had a large family, with cousins for days.

I loved seeing those Walker brothers, whom I haven't spent any time with in a long while  That Travis sure is something, right?

I can't wait to dive into more inhabitants of Coyote Ridge.