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✪ SWEET LIAR ✪ Laurelin Paige ✪ Dirty Sweet Duet #1 ✪

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• 26 February 2019
• 320 pages
• 3rd Dirty Duet #1

• #2 - Sweet Fate - 26 March

4.125 Stars

British ad exec Dylan Locke isn't looking for love. He isn't looking for fate. He's definitely not looking for Audrey Lind. She's pretty, far too young, and overly romantic--in short, exhausting.

But when the girl, young enough to be his daughter, literally lands in his lap and asks for his expertise, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested. In her body, in her innocence, in her philosophy.

In the kind of kismet that starts with kisses.

But Audrey isn't looking for love either--she's looking for lessons, and she's certain Dylan knows everything she needs to learn.

If he agrees to play the teacher can he keep his heart?

Of course he can.

Then again,  he might be lying.

ARC received for an honest review

If you have read the previous duets, you will have already met our main man Dylan - the London partner in the business.

Sweet Liar is short, hot and sexy.  It does have a bit of Lolita-esque feel to it - though there is nothing illegal going on, it is just the rather large age difference that gives it that feel.

I love the spark between Dylan and Audrey.  He tries to fight the attraction.  She tries to push him out of his comfort zone.  As wrong as they really are for each other, they are so, so right.

You know that things aren't going to be easy for them, and I loved watching the push/pull between them - the push particularly from Dylan.  He's such a grump, but I can't help adoring him also.

This was a very short read, and I kind of wish that we had gotten both parts of the duet as one story. However we don't have too long to wait before the conclusion so I guess there is that.

I am impatiently awaiting part 2 now.

Please read the first books in this series/duets first if you haven't yet! They all basically happen at the same time!

We all remember Dylan from the previous books - he's the guys' London partner - a bit older and a bit more mature and quiet and the father of a 13 year old boy. And he's definitely not in the market for a young and sexy girl.
Which Audrey is. She's the sister of Donovan's Sabrina.
Dylan is mega attracted, but he could be her father!!!!
But Audrey is not scared off easily - she wants Dylan! She wants him to teach her all there is to know about bedroom business!
Let the fun times begin!

What will happen with Audrey & Dylan?
Will we get a Happy End???

ok - we might not yet get that happy end - it's a duet - book #2 will be here soon!

Well, that was adorable and sexy and ... pretty short.
I don't understand why these two short books had to be TWO books?!?! One book would've been enough! BUT, we don't have to wait too long for book #2!
I don't like huge age-gap romances. Eight years is kinda my limit. I have NO idea why this was the FOURTH age-gap romance I've read this year! THIS YEAR!!!! ... it's only february 3rd!!!! So very weird. And the Dylan-Audrey age gap is 19 years! Oy! That's really a lot.
But I was kind of okay with it here. Dylan needs Audrey in his life. He's so serious and grumpy and he needs her for himself and to help him understand his son.
I liked reading this story. It was really adorable and fun and sexy - and we don't have a bad cliffy! Can't wait to see what book 2 will have in store for us!

SWEET LIAR was a sexy and adorable age-gap romance! Can't wait to see how their love story will end in SWEET FATE! Hurry to your nearest amazon - Dylan will be sold out in no time!


Too bad she was that kind of girl. The kind of girl who wanted a man to love her before she lifted her skirt.

God, she was young. Younger than whatever ridiculous young age she actually was.

I’d sworn off love years ago, but not sex. Never sex. And Audrey Lind was all sorts of temptation, the kind I knew better to stay away from. She was too romantic. She was too American. She was too young. Much too young. I was definitely old enough to be her father. Probably.
I didn’t want to think about that.

“I’m pretty sure I can convince you kismet exists too, if you’ll just do one thing.”
“What’s that?”
“Kiss me.”

I was alone. I would always be alone.

I was a girl who felt things.

Dylan was polite, but he wasn’t nice.

I thought she’d be less dangerous in the sunlight.
I was wrong.

She was sex on heels, and I was a goner.

Audrey Lind: Part wildling, part devil, part innocent, all contradiction.

I wanted to kiss her again. Because she had perfect plump lips. Because she tasted like honey. Because she was warm and the night was cold, and I’d been in the dark for so long.

Colliding into her had been like crashing into sunshine. She made me feel warm in places that had been cold for oh, so long.

“I can’t decide if I need to shelter you, or if I should show you off.”

I stretched her and filled her and punished her pussy for being so perfect, so tight, so inexperienced

I fucked her like I’d paid for the hour.

“I’ve never watched anyone watch me like you’re watching me now.”


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