Monday 25 February 2019

✪ Game Planner (Game #6) ✪ BJ Harvey ✪

From USA Today Bestselling Author BJ Harvey comes the last novella in the romantic comedy Game series. This time its Nat and Jase - best friends of Matt and Mia from Game Player - to tell their journey towards a happy forever after.
Natalie Chase has always been on the upside of crazy. The free-spirited, outspoken, freak-out-at-the-drop-of-a-hat kind. Having dated every type of man you can think of, she's given up hope of finding the right guy, so she goes for the right-for-now variety.
Then Jase Cleary happens.

Jase with his go-get-her attitude that's squarely set on Nat and Nat alone. He’s perfect for her in every way. He copes with her crazy, loves her without question, and even takes her unconventional family in stride.

Now they’re about to get married and she can't seem to get a word in edge wise when it comes to the wedding. Whatever happened to happy wife, happy life?

What she doesn’t realize is Jase is a man with a plan, one she’ll never see coming and she’ll not soon forget.

ARC recevied for an honest review

OK, so I finished reading this book on Valentine's Day, and I demand to know - where is MY Jase?

It was always going to be bittersweet reading Game Planner, knowing that it is the last in the Game series.

However I knew that Ms Harvey would take this series out in style, and I am still smiling even as I write this review.

Nat and Jase's story was just all types of wondeful.  I laughed, I cried and oh boy did I swoon.

Jase is the yin to Nat's yang (sorry Mia, but it's true!) I just love their journey.

I just don't know what to really say about this story, as I feel that it is one that you need to dive into a little bit blind to get the full enjoyment of it.

Throw in the rest of the gang from the Game series, and Game Planner was the perfect way for this series to end.

I am looking forward to the spin off series.  I can't wait for it.