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🥁 ROCK LEGEND 🎤 Tara Leigh 🥁 #NothingButTrouble2 🎤 Excerpt 🥁

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• 17 July 2018
• Book #2 in the Nothing But Trouble #RockStar series
• connected standalone
• Coming Soon: Rock Rebel (Dax & Verity!)

4.5 Stars

Fans of Kristen Callihan, L.J. Shen, and Kylie Scott will scream for this sizzling bad boy rock star romance!

I'm no Prince Charming.

Most people know me as the drummer for Nothing but Trouble. Depending who you ask, I'm also a playboy, a loner, the life of the party, a screw-up, or according to my fans, "The Sexiest Rock Star on the Planet." Apparently, I'm a legend.

Am I surprised? Hell, no. It's a reputation I've earned behind my drum kit and behind closed doors. No one thought foster kid Landon Cox would become famous. Infamous, maybe. Notorious, probably. But successful? Never. No one except Piper Hastings. But I had to make a choice: my woman or my career. I picked fame and fortune... and spent every damn day since pretending I don't regret it.

Now fate's dropped Piper back into my life. I want to believe it's a second chance for me - for us. But while I can give her a few great nights, I can't give Piper a future.

Because there's a difference between a legend and a fairy tale...
Only one of them ends happily ever after.

Landon is Nothing But Trouble's drummer.

And Piper - we already met her in the first book too. She's working for the band's PR Agency.
Six years ago, at college, she was very happy in love with a guy. And that guy later decided against her and their love by choosing his rock star career. Now he's the drummer for Nothing But Trouble.
Poor Piper tries to stay away from the band by handling other clients, but it's not easy. She's friends with the singer's girlfriend and after a concert she finally comes face to face with Landon again.
Landon is shocked to see her. He missed her like crazy. But she's better off without him and troubles.
But maybe they should hook up again to get them out of each other's systems?
But then, after one of Landon's drunk nights, Piper's boss sends her to be Landon's 'babysitter'.
And the old feelings are still there ... but also all their past and current problems ...

What will happen with Piper and Landon?
Will there be a Happy End???


Eeep! I'm the biggest rockstar romance fan ever!
And this was another very adorable and sexy and heartbreaking one!

A possible second chance at love and a happily ever after for our darling drummer Landon.
He's a bit of a manwhore. Just a lil' bit ;)
But Piper is the one that he let get away six years ago. And he regretted it ever since. Even though he knows that she's better off without him. Poor guy.
He has a lot of stuff to work through until he can ride off into his happy end sunset with Piper!
Piper has a lot to work and think through too.
And we adore (almost) every moment of that journey! ☺

A tiny little thing I didn't love-love? The book was basically done a little after the 50% mark. We could've stopped with a happy end. But then more things happen. They should've / could've happened a bit sooner, that way it wouldn't have divided the book into two halves. Now it's basically a 2-part book. Which was totally ok - I still loved the whole story and all the people in it! But it could've been done/written a tiny little bit differently.

But the book was a really great second-chance rock star romance with some very sad and moving and some sexy and adorable moments!!

And now I can't wait to see what Dax & Verity will have to tell us in their book!

ROCK LEGEND was a really adorable & heartbreaking second-chance Rock Star Romance! Hurry to your nearest amazon - Landon will be sold out in no time!!!

Can't wait to read book #3 now!

ARC received for an honest review

Tara Leigh, you had me at rock star!

I am as big rock star book groupie, and couldn't get enough of Rock King, so diving in to Rock Legend was not rocket science.

In fact, I think I liked Rock Legend more than Rock King.

Landon and Piper's story is full of their history, their heartache, their regrets.  All whilst trying to maybe/maybe not get back together.

Ugh, Landon is such a manwhorish douche at times, but you can feel his love for Piper fall off the page.  I still wanted to slap him with my Kindle a lot of the time, however I couldn't help but adore him and all his issues.

Piper - girl, you rocked this thing. Don't you let him right back in there. Make him fight for you!

This book had two of my favourite things - rock stars and a second chance romance.  Once I picked it up I couldn't stop reading it.  I adored seeing more of Shane and Delaney and where they are at now.

Now I am impatiently waiting to see which Nothing But Trouble guy gets their story next.

♥ excerpt ♥

Watching Landon Cox on stage from forty feet away had been bad enough. But here, now, close enough to touch, I was jolted by the power of his presence.
Still shirtless and sweating after an intense performance, my eyes danced over the rippling muscles rising from beneath the inked skin of Landon’s naked torso, his broad shoulders tapering to slim hips, perfect V cuts forming an arrow pointing south.
Vitality seeping from every pore.
My gaze was drawn inexorably upward. Blond hair a damp mess, the faintest trace of stubble darkening a jawline that could have been cut from marble. A face so symmetrical, so severely beautiful, it would take even the most talented sculptor a lifetime to get right.
Landon Cox was a fantasy in the flesh.
I’d imagined this very moment dozens—no, hundreds—of times. But now that the moment was here, Landon and I, alone in a room again after all these years, I had nothing.
In a blink, Landon’s expression wavered. His winged brows, three shades darker than the hair sweeping across his forehead, pulled together. Eyes like hot coals burning into me.
As if the sight of me caused him pain.
I tore my gaze away from his face, but it only landed on the swaths of ink covering his chest and extending over his arms. My mouth watered at the sight. I wanted to trace every tattoo with my tongue, every slash and swirl and stripe. After six years, how would Landon taste?
Like regret, I realized with a sickening thud. Because regret was all that remained of what we’d once shared.

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Tara Leigh attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia Business School in New York, and worked on Wall Street and Main Street before “retiring” to become a wife and mother. When the people in her head became just as real as the people in her life, she decided to put their stories on paper. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children and fur-baby, Pixie.