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• 23 July 2018
South Haven #2
• contemporary M/M romance
• Cover Design: By Hang Le
• Model: Andrew England

5 Stars
What if you had everything in the world you wanted...except the man you never knew you needed?

Shaw Jennings, the seductive, enigmatic owner of Body Electric Tattoo works hard and plays even harder. He’s built a life he’s proud of, and though that doesn’t include a significant other, he’s got plenty of sexy men to keep his bed warm at night. None of them have ever made Shaw sit up and take notice for long, though. But that all changes when a famous rock star walks through his door.

Trent Knox had the world in the palm of his hand as the lead singer of TBD, one of the biggest rock bands in historyuntil the day he walked away. A getaway to South Haven Island seems like the perfect place for Trent to find himself again and reignite his passion for music. But what he never expects is to find his muse in a six-five, tatted-up badass whose sinful smile he can’t get out of his mind.

The only problem? Trent’s a notorious womanizer, and Shaw isn’t interested in being someone’s experimentmuse or otherwise. But in a town as small as this one, Shaw is finding it more and more difficult to keep the persistent rocker at arm’s length.

As the tension between them builds, maybe it’s time to finally give in and get carried away with something a little bit like...desire.

We remember tattoo artist Shaw from the first book. He's best friends with the Lucas and Bash.
And he's a happily single serial dater. He never really had a boyfriend. He loves his life and as long as no one looks like a forever kind of guy he can keep on living the way he's always lived.
And then this guy arrives on the island. A guy he has some kind of one-night stand with. But it's not really a gay guy. And he's also kind of a rock star hiding on the island while finding out what to do with his life after leaving his band.
Both Shaw and Trent first think the other guy is straight. But once they realize the truth it's not all insta happy endish.
But we'll get there!




You start reading and BAM! You're right in the middle of a very kinky and sexy and mysterious one-night stand kind of thing. Grrrrr!

And after that night it only gets better.

We have all those funny and adorable and frustrating and sexy moments. Shaw and Trent don't know that they're attracted to each other. Bash has to throw them together every chance he gets. Adorable!
But once all the gay truths are out in the open .... Let the fun times begin.

I adored this book!
It's so very erotic and sweet and sad and fun.
I loved every word of it!!!!

Now I NEED to see what Bash will have to tell us in the 3rd book:
A little bit like Heaven - coming soon! GIMMMMMEEEEEE! He's gonna have such an amazing story - I can't wait to see who he'll get to fall for.

Oh ... a tiny little thing I didn't love-love. Shaw's hair. Uhm.... wasn't the frosted tips look an early nineties never-to-be-done-again thing?? I just can't imagine a hot guy having that kind of hair today. Ew! ☺

And I also kind of wanted a bit more family. Trent says how amazing his parents are, but we don't meet them. And Shaw's mom. I wanted a bit more - maybe even have his real dad appear. Something a tiny little bit more family moments. BUT ... it was totally amazing the way it was!

A LITTLE BIT LIKE DESIRE was such an adorable & sexy tattooey-rock star romance! Hurry to your nearest amazon for your own #Shox!!! These two are MINE! ☺

ARC received for an honest review

That right there ^ is me after reading just the first chapter of A Little Bit Like Desire.

And after reading the rest of it too!

This book sure does start out with a bang, not a whimper, and I was hooked right to the end.

If you have have read A Little Bit Like Love, you will have met Shaw Jennings (and if you haven't read it, why the heck not?)

This book has a lot of my favourite things - tattoos (and sexy AF tattoo artists), rock stars and m/m.  How could this possibly be wrong for me?  That's right, it couldn't!

Enter Trent Knox - rock star who is a little lost at the moment, but finding his way in South Haven.

And things sure do get hot down south- yes, that "down south" too :P

The sexual tension between Shaw and Trent is off the charts. I leaps off the pages! Along with sexy and hot moments, we have plenty of sweet and tender moments, sad moments and OMG this is amazing moments.

I couldn't help but fall in love with #Shox as they were falling for each other.

I loved that we got more of Lucas and Jackson (from A Little Bit Like Love) and I am absolutely enamoured with Shaw's best friend Bash right now.  Oh, he is a cheeky one, and I can't wait to find out more about him in the next book.

Please don't keep me waiting too long Ms Blaine, I need more!  But until then, the boys say bye!




I’d been inside Bash’s mansion enough times to know where he was taking me, even blindfolded. Through the front door, across the foyer, up the never-ending staircase. Walking down the hallway, I heard muffled sounds, as though there were people coupled up and already behind closed doors, and the further Bash took me, the louder the voices became. But there were no discernable words—it was more the breathless cries of men giving and receiving pleasure, and it made me hard as a fucking rock.
“Sounds like the party started without me,” I said, a smile tipping my lips.
“Not where you’re going,” he replied. I heard the sound of a handle being pressed down, felt the soft rush of air as a door opened and I was led inside, and then the click of the door shutting behind us. Whatever room he’d led me to was dead silent. We were alone.
Bash tapped the side of my blindfold lightly.“You’ll keep this on until you get inside,” he said, keeping his voice low, as though he didn’t want anyone to hear him.
Ah, so I’d be going through yet another door. I wondered at all of this secrecy, since usually these parties were informal, and if we wanted to wander off with someone, we did. Eyes wide open and lights on.
But I trusted Bash with my life and knew him well enough to know that he had to have a good reason for doing this the way he was. So I didn’t think twice when I heard a second door open, felt his gentle hand on my back guiding me forward, and then heard him say with a smile in his voice,“Enjoy,my friends.”
Then he was gone, and yet I was not alone.
I removed the blindfold, but I needn’t have bothered. The room was pitch black. Not a window, not a crack of light coming through the door. I couldn’t see a thing, but I could feel another’s presence, sure as if they were standing beside me. I waited for them to speak, but the silence lingered on. They didn’t say a word, and they didn’t move, though they had to know I’d arrived.
This must be part of the game,I thought. For whatever reason, we weren’t allowed to see each other, and I’d venture a guess that speaking was out of the question as well. Something told me there was more at play here than darkness simply heightening our awareness and setting the mood, and that had a shiver running down my spine.
If it’s a game they want, it’s a game they’ll get.
Opening my senses, I stood perfectly still and waited until I got a hint of where the man waiting for me was. My rapidly pounding heart was all I could hear for a long moment until a faint sound, maybe a quiet exhale, sounded to my right, and I stalked in that direction slowly, letting my prey hear me coming. Would he run and make me chase him? Or did he want me to find him waiting?
With my hands slightly in front of me, I moved forward until my fingertips grazed against smooth material cut with a cold and jagged line that ran vertically—a zipper. The smell of leather filled my nose as I slid my hands up the man’s jacket. He didn’t move, but I could hear his shuddering breath as I reached his shoulders and slipped my hands beneath the leather to feel the naked, tensed muscles there. He was maybe three or four inches shorter than me, and as I pushed the jacket down, I realized he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. No shirt. Nothing to cover the solid muscle of his strong arms and chest.
The leather fell to the ground, and then the man reached for me, his hands skimming up my arms, my shoulders, my neck, leaving goosebumps in their wake. There was something so tantalizing about a stranger touching me, wanting from me, as we stood toe to toe in the unlit room. I could see how the mystery of it all would make someone shy feel more bold and empowered, though that had never been something I struggled with. I had no problem telling someone what I wanted and when, which meant tonight’s clandestine activities were tailored for the man currently caressing my body—but it’d sure as hell be a fun, sexy pursuit for me.
When his rough fingers reached my lips, I grabbed his wrist and held him there. Then I kissed the tips and sucked his pointer and middle fingers deep into my mouth, swirling my tongue around him, and his gasp hit my ears.
The sound was so erotic, the salty taste of his skin so heady on my tongue, that I had to palm my already-up-and-ready-to-go dick to calm it the hell down. As if he sensed my arousal, he pulled his fingers from my mouth and punched his hips forward. I let out a throaty groan at the contact. His erection matched my own, though more constricted through the tight fit of his jeans.
Thirsty for more, I grabbed his trim waist and let my hands fall to his backside. His shoulders were against a wall, and with his ass firmly in my grasp, I held his hips against me, rubbing myself off on the bulge rocking against my own. All the while, his fingers deftly unfastened the buttons of my vest, and then he pulled loose my shirt and began removing those as well. My chest heaved as he pushed my jacket, shirt, and vest off in one go, and I kicked them away, not worried in the slightest about finding them later.
His touch made goosebumps break out on my naked flesh wherever he roamed. Down my neck and then my chest, where he pinched my nipples so hard that I cried out in painful pleasure and put my hands over his.
He froze, as if he’d crossed an unspoken line. But if he’d thought he’d gone too far or that I was about to stop him, he was dead wrong. I guided our hands down together, over my trembling abs and then further, further, until we pushed beneath the waistband of my pants to my—
“Fuuuck.” His head fell back against the wall as the curse left his lips on an exhale.
In the dark, I smiled. He’d broken the rules to his own game. With one word, he changed everything, and now? Anything goes.


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You could say Brooke Blaine was a book-a-holic from the time she knew how to read. She used to tell her mother that curling up with one at 4 a.m. before elementary school was her quiet time. Not much has changed except for the espresso I.V. pump she nowcarries around and the size of her onesie pajamas.

Brooke enjoys writing sassy contemporary romance, whether in the form of comedy, suspense, or erotica. The latter has scarred her conservative Southern family for life,bless their hearts.

If youd like to get in touch with her, shes easy to find - just keep an ear out for the Rick Astley ringtone thats dominated her cell phone for ten years.