Monday 9 July 2018

✪ Knuckle Down (Cursed Ravens #2) ✪ Chantal Fernando ✪ Blog Tour ✪

A single father struggles to change for his daughters and the woman he loves in this second book in the Cursed Ravens Motorcycle Club series from New York Times bestselling author Chantal Fernando.

As a single father of two girls and the sergeant at arms for the Cursed Ravens Motorcycle Club, Jack Knuckles Chester doesnt have much free time. And having earned his road name from his reputation as a fighter, Knuckles isnt one to back away from a challenge.

But what he'll never admit out loud is that his two daughters have changed him irrevocably, softened him even. And these two girls are the only women who will ever hold his heart forever. That is, until he meets the cousin of another bikers old lady.

Celina is nothing like the women Knuckles used to date. Shes a journalist for the local newspaper, dresses well, and basically just has her life together. And the last thing she wants is to be involved with a Cursed Raven. But when the ripped, badass biker worms his way into her heart, she has trouble remembering all the reasons they would never work.

But when a scandal at her newspaper breaks the thin trust she has with Knuckles, will she walk away for good? Or will Knuckles fight to keep Celina in his life?

ARC received for an honest review

Oh. My. Knuckles!

I adored you as Erin's "best friend" in Ace of Hearts, but now I have a full blown crush on you!

And if you have read the first book, you will remember Celina, Erin's cousin?  She's older than Erin, but in some ways she feels younger.

And when the biker and the journo meet - well, things don't go the way either of them expect, but boy is is better than anything either wanted.

A journalist and a biker together -yeah, you can see the conflict between them coming a mile away, however it was not what I expected it was going to be.

A single dad, Knuckles really is all kinds of swoonworthy when he is with his girls.  I mean... le sigh.  You need to look past the kutte and the rumours about bikers to get to the real man.

I love the push/pull between Celina and Knuckles- well, him pushing for more, and Celina pulling away lol.  There is such a spark between them that you can't help but want them to get more.

Was great to get more of the Cursed Ravens MC, loved seeing where Erin and Ace were at in their relationship, and I neeeeeed to know more about Rogue/


Can't wait for Going Rogue - even though it is only a few weeks away, it is too far away!

Gimme gimme gimme!